The Countdown

In exactly two days (not counting today), I will ‘kidnap’ my sister for a Graduation Celebration.  No, no, that sounds too formal.  Too stuffy.

It’s a ‘yay-you-graduated-from-college-weekened’ filled with relaxation, delicious food, interesting sights, and fun!!!  🙂  It’ll just be two girls loving life, enjoying simple moments, and maybe having a touch of elegance thrown in… because a girl needs a reason to dress up.

I’m not sure who is more ansy.  Me – in my anticipation of how much I know Sarah will love the weekend.  Sarah – in her anticipation of finally uncovering my plans.  Or my parents, who know the secret and who are simply dying to give away every last detail.  My mom hates keeping secrets.   

This much tension is not good for one family to bear.  Seriously, it can’t be healthy.

To make things worse, my sister doesn’t want me to tell her what we’re doing… but now she wants hints.  Do you know how bad I am at giving hints??  I might as well stick a post-it note to my forehead with a description of what we’ll be doing.

And then I have this fear of giving a really good hint…  Because what if she imagines something even grander than I have planned?  And what if – horror of horrors – she’s disappointed!  Thus, I have mentioned twice that I can’t afford a cruise or a night’s stay in Boston.  I figured that I’d knock out the two most expensive, exciting things I could think of. That way, there are two less chances of her being disappointed in the end.  (Again, a glimpse into the confusion that is my mind).

Oh, who am I fooling? Of course she’ll love it. She’s going to have a blast!!

And forecast for the weekend?  Sunny! 

Saturday can’t come fast enough!

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4 Responses to The Countdown

  1. Ahhh!!!!!!!!

    So excited, so excited, so excited.


  2. Young Wifey says:

    Enjoy your weekend with your sister (mine lives in Scotland!). It looks like you’ve been busy while I was away. I need to get my bike fixed too!

  3. love1025 says:

    could you do a post that will post on Saturday to let your readings know where the location was….i may not make it until Monday to find out!!!

    So exciting!!! 🙂

  4. lisaou11 says:

    so exciting! have fun!

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