Welcome to Our Home

My husband and I have been saving for months, and today we will buy our first couch.  Am I excited?  That is the understatement of the year… 🙂  Our house is still completely empty, and I’m ecstatic at the thought of turning it into a home.  And what better way to start than to fill the living room with furniture?  Right now, Nate and I only use the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom.  But lately, we’ve been dreaming about ways to use the other vacant rooms so that we can really use all the extra space that is available to us.

What?  You want a tour?

Oh, I thought you’d never ask.  🙂

The Kitchen — One of my favorite parts of the house is the kitchen.  The apartment we came from had absolutely no work space, and it was impossible for me to set the kitchen table AND cook at the same time.  Now I have that wonderful island in the center of the kitchen, lots of cabinets, plenty of work space, and a stove that isn’t a hundred years old.

Our Dreams:  I’d like to add some curtains.  Also, we’d like to eventually put in a microwave on top of the stove, so that we can get rid of that bulky one on the counter.

The Living Room — Rather than having one giant living room, our living room is divided into two separate rooms.  This room is off the dining room and currently serves as my music room. However, I have a beautiful oak desk still at my parents, so it will soon be an office.

Our Dreams:  We’d like to bring the desk from my parents’ house to this room and buy a nice office chair for it. I’d also like to add some curtains, change the generic ceiling fan, and maybe add a comfy chair and a reading lamp.

The Dining Room — My second favorite room in the house is the dining room, and not just because I love to eat.  😉  I love how the sunlight streams in through the sliding glass doors, and I’ve always been a fan of wood floors.

Our Dreams:  We’d like to change the light fixture for something that looks a bit more country, and eventually I’d like to get some nice drapes for the door.  And I need to find something for that blank wall, whether it be something to hang on the wall or a nice hutch to put dishes in. 

Living Room — Our second living room (the one off the kitchen) currently serves as my husband’s video game room, as well as a kitty heaven.  The only furniture in there right now belongs to the cats. 

Our Dreams:  We’ll be adding the couch to this room (hopefully within the next week).  I’ll also need to invest in some curtains and some wall hangings.

First Floor Bathroom — The first floor bathroom is special, because it also contains a closet for the washer and drier. I love that I don’t have to go downstairs to do laundry.  🙂

My Dreams:  I’d like to paint the walls a cheery yellow and add some simple, white curtains.  Eventually, I’d also  like to tear out that vanity and add an oval mirror instead.  Also, I’d like to replace the light fixture with something more country.  Oh, and matching towels are a must.  🙂

First Bedroom — The first upstairs bedroom is smallish, but it’s so bright and cheery when the sun is shining.  (Figures I’d choose a cloudy day to take pictures).  😉  I’ve pretty much decided that when we have kids, this is going to be the baby room. But for now, I’d like to use it for my writing space as well as my craft room.

My Dreams:  I’ll be adding a coat of paint, a comfy chair, some wall hangings, curtains, and a table on which my sister and I can do crafts.

Second Bedroom — The second bedroom currently serves as the junk room. We still have a few things that need to be unpacked. 🙂

Nate’s Dreams:   Because Nate will be losing his video game space when we add the couch, he’ll be taking over this room.  We’re thinking a bulky, comfy couch (just the kind my hubby likes) and an office space for the printer.  He’s excited about this project!

Upstairs Bathroom — The upstairs bathroom is very spacious, which I really like.  And the previous owners did a nice job with the tile on the floor, and the cabinets are in good shape.

My Dreams:  I’d like to paint the room a relaxing color, like a soothing green, and — of course — we’ll add curtains.  A wall hanging, some matching towels, and a whirlpool tub (hey, a girl can dream) will finish off this room.

The Bedroom — I’m excited that my husband will soon get his man room, because our bedroom currently looks like a jungle of electronics and wires.  He has his projector hanging from the ceiling, a printer on his dresser, and a stack of DVD players and such on the opposite wall.  I can’t wait to turn this into a living space, rather than a makeshift office!

My Dreams:  Curtains will be a must, as will be a coat of paint. I have a bedspread, but I’m waiting until we paint the room to put it on the bed. I’d also like to add some wallhangings (some of which we already own but just haven’t hung up yet).

This little guy happens to like the current, fuzzy blanket though, so he’s in no hurry for the changes.

Well, that’s it.  The basement is a mess right now, as we don’t have a shed.  So there’s a lawnmower, power tools, and stuff like that down there.  Someday, we do hope to finish off the basement, so that my husband can build an entertainment room.  But for now, I didn’t want to scare you by showing you pics of that craziness.

We obviously haven’t done a whole lot yet, but we’ve been doing plenty of saving. So the changes will come slowly but surely.  I’m just so excited that we’ll be getting a couch!! 

Happy Sunday!  And thank you for letting me give you a tour of the house.  🙂

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10 Responses to Welcome to Our Home

  1. I loved reading about all your dreams for your home! I can’t wait to see which couch you guys decide on. Have fun with it! 😀

  2. jelillie says:

    Wow those are some great plans. I love that you guys are saving rahter than putting it on credit.

  3. Mandy says:

    It is a beautiful house with so much potential! I know how impatient I can get waiting to get our house looking like I want it, but it will happen in time. It is very wise of you to wait and save!

  4. Abby says:

    I love hearing about your dreams and what you plan to do with the house! I get excited even hearing about it!

  5. Stephany says:

    It’ll be fun to see all the changes your home goes through! And yay for getting a couch, that’s exciting!

  6. hannahkaty says:

    Beautiful home.. SO happy for you love. Much anticipating the mini make overs in store.


    Hannah Katy

  7. you have hardwood floors so i’m a fan…just take one room at a time..and get ready to painntttt

  8. ladyfelicity says:

    I love it when bloggers share a peep into their home. Thank you for sharing! 🙂 It must be so exciting, turning your house into your very own HOME. Lovely! You’ve got some gorgeous rooms – there’s lots of potential! 🙂 Which project are you most excited about?

  9. bradmhackett says:

    Curly Sue I must say the kitchen is my favorite as well, and as I was reading the dreams i was picturing them and let me tell you something, you have bukt a beautiful imagination!

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