Our New Couch

I was praying during the entire drive down to Jordan’s Furniture, because there was a scenario playing out in my mind.  What if Nate and I couldn’t agree on a couch?  What if we absolutely hated what the other was choosing and the entire experience turned out to be a nightmare?  I mean, he and I had gone into furniture stores enough to know that our tastes can be different… and we usually end up leaving a furniture store feeling a bit frustrated and stressed.  Okay, a lot frustrated and stressed.

And I wanted this to be a fun experience. This would be our first couch for our new home, and I didn’t want it ruined by petty arguments.  Still, I couldn’t help but think that it would take a miracle to turn our furniture shopping experience into a special time.

Honestly, I think we were both apprehensive when we stepped into Jordan’s showroom and prepared ourselves to sit on, study, and argue about couch, after couch, after couch. 

But then we saw it.  We had literally taken five steps into the room, when my eyes fell on a red and white checkered couch.  It was the same couch I had fallen in love with last time we were there.  Except, like last time, it was a bit too large for our living room.  And the cushions were a bit too far back when you sat down, so it kind of felt as though you were being engulfed by pillows.  But that aside, it was simply adorable.  Country with a touch of modern. Exactly what I wanted.

Nate sat down as well, commenting that he liked the style too.  And then his eyes lit up.  Because directly across from us, was the same exact couch.  Only it was a bit smaller.  A perfect size for our living room, actually.  And when I sat down, the back cushions were more firm and exactly the kind of sitting couch I was looking for.  It was perfect.  And Nate liked it too.

One problem… This couch was in a green checkered pattern, which I wasn’t all that fond of.  And the sign said that the couch was discontinued.

“No, it’s the green fabric that’s discontinued,” the salesman assured us when I mentioned our disappointment to him.  “There’s plenty of the red checkered print if you want that.”

Oh, yeah, we wanted that!!

We ended up buying the couch and two chairs (one chair in the checkered print and the other in a more modern, floral print).  I’m already imagining red curtains to tie everything together.  🙂  Because the couch and chairs was a bit more than expected, we weren’t able to buy any end-tables or a coffee table. But those shouldn’t take too long to save for. Besides,  it’ll give us time to shop around for good deals and options.

Now, I don’t have a picture of our exact couch, because — as I said — the model was in green.  But I’ve attached some pictures below of the larger couch and chair, which have the same exact print.  (Our couch will just have two cushions instead of three).  I’ll have pics of our couch, once we have it in about 5-7 weeks. (However will I wait that long?).

Anyway, to make a long story short, Nate and I practically skipped out of the furniture store.  We actually passed Elliott from Jordan’s furniture (the man who started the furniture store and who stars in all the commercials).  I thought about hugging him in gratitude, but then wondered if maybe he had a body-guard hiding somewhere.

So instead, I said a ‘thank you’ to God for an answered prayer.  Because He definitely gave us the shopping experience we had been hoping for.  🙂  No, even better!

In fact, we went out to dinner after (thanks to my brother and his girlfriend who had given me a gift certificate for my birthday), and the manager of the restaurant randomly came over to our table and offered us a free dessert to take home!  Let me tell you, when God wants to bless you, He goes all out.  🙂

Happy Monday!

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9 Responses to Our New Couch

  1. Laura Schaefer says:

    You will not believe this, but I have dining room cushioned chairs in the EXACT same fabric as your new chairs with the floral print! haha. Love it. 🙂

  2. Abby says:

    This is awesome! And I love that couch – looks so comfy. I’m glad you two didn’t have to argue and found something perfect.

  3. lisaou11 says:

    aww yay! Glad you guys agreed!

    me and sean have slightly differet tastes as well, so thatll be interesting!

  4. Katie says:

    I remember when we chose our first couch, too! I think we were at the furniture store for a solid 5 hours. Ahh – now we have 2 couches that we both love, but it was a long process. 🙂 Glad you guys found one!

  5. This post is ELUDING pure happiness. 😀 I love it. And I love the couch! I can’t wait to see it in your guys’ home. 😀

  6. ladyfelicity says:

    Aww … ! You’re SO right. When God blessed us, he TOTALLY blesses us … and it’s wonderful! Your new couch and chairs are going to look great. Red checks are always cheerful!

  7. bellawilfer says:

    My mom told me about bumping into you guys at the Long Horn! 🙂 Glad you had a very successful shopping trip and wow, the couche is gorgeous! I love the mix of the floral chair with the red checked couch…

  8. bradmhackett says:

    Before I read your blog I took a glance at the pictures and thought, wow, you have a pretty nice house there! Then I read it… But I am sure your house is still nice.

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