Dragons, Romance, and Knights in shining armor

Nate married a hopeless romantic. 

I admit it. I get teary-eyed at weddings, adore a good romantic movie, and live for those unplanned moments when we’re walking hand-in-hand just as snowflakes gently begin to fall.  The writer in me takes in every detail, hoping to one day re-create it in the pages of a novel.  And the girl in me?  Well, she’s jumping up and down, squealing, and then melting into a puddle of pure contentment.

But if my life is the screenplay and Nate is the knight in shining armor, then Time is the evil, fire-breathing dragon.  Because nothing kills romance like a busy schedule.  The rushing here and there.  The getting home late and exhausted.  Yeah, not good.

Lately, my life has been one big bouncy ball of busyness.  I’m all over the map, getting up for work by 5:30 am and usually ending up at some sort of appointment after work.  So life has been all about work and schedules, as of late.  (Which really is typical for this time of year, considering it’s Year-End at the office).   

Since Nate is the knight in shining armor, I decided to make a romance request.  You know, providing a sly hint by saying “Hey, we used to do romantic things when we were dating and now we’re just busy.”  Okay, so maybe I wasn’t so sly.  And maybe I wasn’t being fair, because I’m the one who has the hectic schedule. So I’m not only the one who’s protecting the dragon, but I’m also encouraging him, feeding him, and taking him home with me every night.  (And the dragon doesn’t only cause mayhem by eating romance.  You should see the mess he’s made of my kitchen).

But also, for the record, my husband is a typical male.  He’s good with electronics, he can fix pretty much anything, and he has absolutely no clue when it comes to romance.   His answer when I asked him for romance?  “Well, we’re really trying to save money right now, but maybe someday we’ll be able to afford more romantic things.”  I had this vision of him going up to a retail store’s counter and asking the woman how much romance would cost him.  That’s because my husband thinks big.  He thinks fancy dinners, a stay at a nice hotel, and maybe even a trip to see a Broadway play.  All nice things.  But not necessary.

Do you know why romantic novels or movies are so romantic?  They slow down time.  They pause water droplets to the point in which the rain becomes thousands of tiny crystals, gently falling around a man and woman as they have their first kiss.  They focus on the moment — whether it be a couple laughing and throwing snowballs or a man falling to one knee and proposing — and they don’t let you know what’s coming next. And you don’t care what’s coming next.  Because you’re so captivated by what’s going on now.  Who cares about anything else.  Hello!  They’re kissing on the beach just as the sun is setting!  Romantic!

Well, I had my romantic moment last night.  It wasn’t planned.  It didn’t cost Nate a penny.  And it was so simple that I nearly missed it.  But I actually had a night free for once.  And Nate and I each grabbed a book to read and snuggled close for an hour or two of reading.  The rain pitter-pattered against the window.  Nate had a strong arm around me to hold me close.  There was a quilt over us to keep us warm.  And I thought, things don’t get any better than this.

 Slow down and enjoy the simple, romantic moments that come your way.  🙂

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7 Responses to Dragons, Romance, and Knights in shining armor

  1. jelillie says:

    So good Nicole and great word pictures! Thank you!

  2. bradmhackett says:

    I am usually with Nate on that, if your going to do something for the one you love it has to not just be felt emotionally but seen physically, maybe one day us men will learn that that is not always what woman want.

  3. justmarriedgirl says:

    It’s so easy to miss these little moments of joy. So glad you (a) recognized and (b) preserved yours.

  4. bellawilfer says:

    I treasure so many little moments between Tyson and I, just as the huge romantic moments. I love how he took me into Boston and proposed to me out on the wharf, but I also smile so happly over one other little moment: me and him, sitting on the couch by the wood stove at his family’s house, teasing each other and laughing, when suddenly times stops…for there’s the first “i-love-you” that slips out of his mouth and makes me the happiest girl on earth.

    Beautiful post.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful post. 😀

  6. Abby says:


    I think I’m a hopeless romantic, too.

  7. indie.tea says:

    What a beautiful and truthful entry. You made me slow down and read and relish this…

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