Countdown to Vacation

With it being Fiscal Year End at work, my life has pretty much consisted of wake up… work all day… eat supper… CRASH!  🙂  Stress over-load has turned me into a zombie (which is must better than a screaming, crying wife, so Nate really does owe me one).  😉

Although Nate did mention yesterday that he misses the chatty, bubbly Nicole.  In fact, he might even miss the Nicole that’s constantly pulling out her camera to snap a pic for her blog.  Okay, okay.  I made that last part up.  So what if I whip my camera out while we’re shopping in Bed, Bath, and Beyond?  He had found a motion-sensored toothpaste dispenser.  Seriously.  Who knew they even made those?  Someday, we’ll show that pic to our grandchildren and say, “This was the first motion-sensored toothpaste dispenser we ever saw.  We used to actually have to use our muscles and squeeze the toothpaste ourselves.”  Our grandchildren will probably look up from their 3-D televisions and reply by saying, “What are muscles?” 

Honestly, I took the pic, because I found the contraption to be so ridiculous and entertaining.  Please tell me that people aren’t so lazy and in such a hurry that they can’t just squeeze out their own toothpaste! 

Anyway, getting back to the chatty and bubbly Nicole that Nate misses.  I assured him that she will be back soon.  I imagine that vacation (here in two weeks) will bring an even chattier and bubblier Nicole back.  So he should enjoy the quiet now.  🙂  It won’t last long. 

Other than walking around like a zombie and shopping in Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I haven’t been doing much.  Sarah and I went shopping for a bit on Saturday, but neither one of us brought our cameras.  She has a cold and I’m a zombie, so we didn’t take any photos.  You should thank us for sparing you.  😉 

I did take pics of the (drum roll please) canned pumpkin I found in the grocery store!!  It’s a wonder there were any cans left because there was this girl taking as many as her arms could carry… Oh, wait, that was me.

Just kidding!  But I did buy four cans, because there is a pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, and another pumpkin pie just waiting to be made.  (Nate said that if I run out of pumpkin, I could always buy a fresh one and use that. I told him that the day I have time to cut open, seed, cook, mash, and drain a fresh pumpkin for a pumpkin pie will be the day that I have too much time on my hands). 

Well, one week left of Fiscal Year End.  Two weeks to vacation.  Let the countdown begin!!

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3 Responses to Countdown to Vacation

  1. YAY for pumpkin!! And YAY for vacation! You guys are going to have so much fun. 😀

    And a toothpaste dispenser? Are they serious? Haha…what *will* they think of next?

  2. Meg says:

    I was cracking up at the thought of our future kids looking up from their 3-d televisions and asking what are muscles? (It truly is sad when you realize you’ve said something that just dated you. I recently had an aneurism when my (much older) friend’s teenage daughter said who’s blink-182? Excuse me??)

  3. dianacheung says:

    GAH stop buying all those!! save some for us! 🙂

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