True Love Week – The Wedding

There’s no easy way to recapture a wedding day in words.  There are so many emotions… feelings… memories.  And it all goes by so fast.

I remember it in snapshots, as though my mind was a camera and could only capture moments.

I remember the limo driver telling me to be happy and to enjoy every moment (he was a really good limo driver)…

… I remember my mom helping me get ready, my sister never leaving my side, my brother playing guitar music as I walked down the aisle…


 … I remember feeling lost in Nate’s eyes as we said our vows…

… I remember giggling and laughing with the most amazing bridesmaids a girl could ever hope for…

… and wishing I was lighter…

… I remember dancing with my dad and not being able to hold back the tears…

… and him making everything okay…

… I remember cake… 

…and feeling so happy that my Memere and Pepere were there to celebrate with me.  (I miss you, Memere)…

And most of all, I remember the way Nate couldn’t stop smiling, and looking at me, and telling me that he loved me.  I most of all remember how in love we were.  And that is a love worth fighting for, always!

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10 Responses to True Love Week – The Wedding

  1. Wow–gorgeous wedding!

  2. jelillie says:

    THank you Nicole. This was beautiful. Almost brought me to tears.

  3. lisaou11 says:

    Love it. I love the snapshot memories that you have.

  4. love1025 says:

    you look so happy and in love!!!! congrats!! 🙂

  5. undividing says:

    It’s always so fun getting to see wedding photos! Beautiful! I’ve been enjoying hearing your love story – thanks for sharing it!

  6. You look gorgeous!! You wedding day looked like a fairy-tale come true!

  7. bellawilfer says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed your posts this week so much! *happy sigh*

  8. This made me tear up.

    And that picture of you with Memere and Pepere is so beautiful.

  9. divz says:

    I bookmarked your website about six weeks ago and visit it every morning and to my dismay there have been no posts. Where are you?! :o)

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