How We — Almost Didn’t — Meet

Today’s writer is Meg from Life is Better than Fiction.  One of the things that draws me to her blog is just how happy and excited she and her husband are about life.  Everything is an adventure, whether they’re shopping for furniture or going for a run with their adorable dog Hunter!  And she writes with honesty.  (There are some amazing posts about learning to be happy with yourself).  Meg has a bit of everything, as though you’re settling down with one of your favorite magazines.  Except it’s better… Because after all, life is better than fiction!  🙂  — Nicole

Hello! My name is Meg and my blog is Life Is Better Than Fiction. Nicole asked me to do a guest post while she was on vacation for her anniversary, and I was thrilled she asked me! We must be kindred spirits since mine is Oct 3!

 How my husband Jeremy and I met is always an amusing topic for us. We figure we would have met eventually since we had many mutual friends. I was hanging out after church when a few guys I knew invited a friend and me to their house to hang out later that afternoon. I said I might make an appearance with no intention of actually showing up.

Well, my boy-crazy friend BEGGED me to go with her, so I set the condition that I take my own car so that I could leave if I was bored and didn’t know anyone (what a snob was I?).

 We showed up and  — sure enough — I only knew the two guys who had invited me.  So I stood awkwardly in the kitchen, sort of watching everyone around me. About 5 minutes later, this guy came in from the garage and walked swaggered up to me.

 He said, “Hi, I’m Jeremy.”

Just like that. I don’t think I’d ever met someone so straightforward before. It turned out that he had been home from Afghanistan for only a few months, and I began to wonder if he knew a girlfriend of mine who was also in the army. Sure enough he did! What a small world.

 Anyways, so we get to talking and after a while he says, “We should go out for dinner sometime.” And I said ok. 🙂 Our first date, he actually picked me up on his bullet bike (chicks dig bikes!) and we went for a ride up to Lucky Peak (clearly it was lucky for us!) dam and just sat, looking over the water and talked about life.

 The funny thing is, it wasn’t love at first sight. Neither of us was really looking for a commitment, much less a life partner, so our relationship started out casually. It worked for us because we had no expectations, just enjoying each other’s company until we realized we had fallen in love.

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4 Responses to How We — Almost Didn’t — Meet

  1. Aww…what a beautiful story! I can’t wait to check out your blog. 😀

  2. The Linz says:

    I love this story!! 🙂 And yes, Lucky Peak must be lucky! 🙂

  3. bellawilfer says:

    I’m a sucker for ‘how we met’ stories. 🙂 I like to collect them, lol. Yours is so sweet – can’t wait to look at your blog!

  4. love1025 says:

    I definately believe in fate!

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