‘Till There Was You

Krista from Between the Stacks and I go way back. Our mothers were close friends when she and I were just toddlers…  So I guess you could say that Krista and I are second generation friends.  🙂  We’ve known each other forever, even before we knew that we both loved to write.  The funny thing is that I started reading her blog before I realized she was the author!  If you’re looking for whimsical tales of family, friendship, and wedding planning, please check out her blog.  She has a beautiful writing style that turns simplicity into masterpiece.  I also can say from personal experience that her book reviews are spot on, and I’d read anything she recommends.  Enjoy!  — Nicole 

July 25, 2010

 “I’m tempted to kidnap you for the day,” he had texted me more than a week earlier. “What are your plans for Sunday?” I had to tell him that I’d already made plans for a girls’ movie night with his sisters and my sister, and had been absolutely forbidden to cancel on them. Yes, absolutely forbidden – I was told that I’d never be spoken to by both my sister and his if I cancelled and rescheduled on them.

 “All right,” he told me, “I’ll just take you out next Sunday instead.” And he bought tickets to The Music Man, a musical that we’d always wanted to see on stage. He also informed me that he was taking me out to dinner in Boston, just because he wanted to.

 I watched the movie with the girls, but found myself wondering why he wanted to kidnap me and trying to squash any hopes for a proposal. “He hasn’t asked my dad,” I rationalized, “because if he had, my mom would know and I know she doesn’t know. And if he was going to propose, his sisters would be okay with rescheduling our movie night. Nah, it can’t be a proposal.”

 Sunday finally arrived, hot and humid. I was nervous for some reason when Tyson picked me up. But the nerves disappeared by the time we hit the road and had started reminiscing about our trips into Boston the year before. “Do you remember that big dead cod that we found floating in the harbor on the walk by Lewis Wharf?” and “The falafels we got for lunch, do you remember how good they were?” and “Remember that little Italian shop we found in North End…?” and “Oh yeah, remember how we hit all the cemeteries and got teased later about our graveyard dates?”

 And I remembered, but didn’t mention, a certain verbosely talkative man we bumped into on our first trip into Boston, who asked if we were married, if we were going to be one day..? And I smiled, thinking and dreaming and hoping for that one day.

 We watched a small Iowa town fall under the spell of a traveling salesman who proceeds to fall for the smitten librarian. And by the end of the show, I knew I’d have “Til There Was You” stuck in my head for the rest of the night. And it was.

 There was love all around

But I never heard it singing

No, I never heard it at all Till there was you…


(And he didn’t propose to me there. For that was just the beginning of our adventures.)

 With the help of trusty Lola the GPS, we drove into Boston and find parking in a lot by Lewis Wharf. The rest of the evening was magical. We wandered around Boston’s North End, dodging rain drops and running into a small shop to buy an umbrella, only for the clouds to lift and blue sky to appear over the rooftops of little Italy before we could use it. We ate dinner in an elegant Italian place, our table upstairs, alone and private aside from a very attentive wait staff. It was perfect. Veal parmesan and a glass of wine, Italian ice for dessert. Flickering candle on the table. A gorgeous view of North Square from our window. Dinner in Boston’s North End with my bestest friend = priceless.

 (And no, he did not propose to me then.)

 After dinner, we managed to stumble in on the St. Joseph’s Festival nearby. Band music! Street vendors! Cannolis! Fried food! And so many, many Boston Italian accents. And sunset streaking the sky over Boston and the harbor below. We stopped to listen to a short, young guy with dark curly hair singing, accompanied by an older man on the accordian. After finishing his song, he called his tall, blonde girlfriend up out of the audience to have her sing, too. It was adorable and the Italian grandmas in the audience sighed over how cute the two of them were. 😉

 (And, he didn’t propose to me there.)

 By dusk, we finally wandered back down to the water front. The sea breeze felt delicious in the summer evening and couples were everywhere. We laughed at little boys playing in a fountain and I took pictures of sail boats bobbing in the harbor. We finally found the same wharf walk that we had ended our last visit into Boston on. It was just as quiet, excluded and private as we remembered it from last fall and we easily found an unoccupied bench with a gorgeous view of the bay.


 (And yes…he proposed to me there.)

 He said some very, very sweet things to me and just as my heart began to beat faster and say things like, “Oh my gosh, is he really…?” he got down on one knee and said, “And so, Krista Skinner, would you marry me?”

 I think I’d blurted, “Yes, yes, YES!” before he even had the ring out of his pocket. *grin* What can I say? I’d known for months and months what my answer would be, but all of my wonderings and dreams of proposals never came close to the sweetness of that moment…

 I don’t think two people were more happier than him and I that night out on Lewis Wharf. I remember laughing, just because I was so happy, as I looked at the ring and then at him. “I’m yours now! Really-and-truly-ruly-yours!” My boyfriend and best friend became my fiancé that night and there wasn’t anything that could wipe the smiles off our faces.

 It’s been two months since he proposed and it’s still hard to take that smile off my face. We’re researching ceremony and reception sites and talking about engagement photos. I’m paging through wedding magazines and looking at gowns. He’s milling beams and drafting house plans. My fiancé and I are planning a wedding – our wedding – and building a house! Sometimes it’s hard to believe that one day, I will marry my best friend, until I look down and see that ring sparkling on my finger. It’s love and it’s real.

 Will it be happily ever after?

 I think so.

 There was love all around

But I never heard it singing

No, I never heard it at all Till there was you…


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6 Responses to ‘Till There Was You

  1. Rebecca says:

    Wonderful, beautiful story!!!

  2. Aww…Krista, this is such a beautiful story! I love it. 😀

  3. Jeannine Como says:


    What a great story———–and I think I know you——-and I know that I know Tyson! Ask him if he knows who I am——–he has done all kinds of work at our house in Hubbardston. I am so happy for both of you, and wish you the best. God bless you!

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  5. love1025 says:

    i love reading love stories!!! makes me all warm inside! 🙂

  6. ladyfelicity says:

    Aww … beautiful! I hadn’t heard the whole story before. Lovely, Krista!!!

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