Back to the Drawing Board

Do you know what can kill a plant even faster than I can? 


Evidently, you’re supposed to bring your plants into the house (or cover them) before a frost, or else you will end up with a pot full of wiltedness (not officially a word, but I think it really helps get the idea across). 

I had thought for sure that mums would be hearty enough to survive my lack of green thumb, but they couldn’t survive my forgetting to bring them in at night.  **sad face**

Maybe I should start with poinsettia’s…. I’ve heard they’re impossible to kill.

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5 Responses to Back to the Drawing Board

  1. Deryn says:

    Oh, no. It’s entirely possible to kill poinsettias if you leave them outside in the cold for a few weeks and assume that the melting frost during the day will be enough water to keep them alive. It isn’t.

  2. Sad! If it makes you feel any better, I can’t keep indoor plants alive at all. Frost or no frost.

  3. Haha…too funny! :mrgreen: But honestly, don’t feel bad. The only indoor plants that I can keep alive are silk plants, and even that’s pushing it. 😉

  4. love1025 says:

    oh no! I give you props for even trying real plants!! that is for grown ups. lol

  5. Laura Schaefer says:

    Poinsettias are easy to kill. Be careful not to over water. (I used to own a florist) The best indoor plant that IS indeed impossible to kill? A peace lily. When they’re thirsty, they’ll start to droop, you water them, and bam….he’s happy again.

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