Traditions, Cupcakes, and Zombies

Why… why…. why do we need to have a holiday that centers around scary things?  Couldn’t Halloween just be about dressing up like princesses, fairies, and cowboys?  Why do we need to add the creepy, crawly, dark margical, and spooky?  No lie, I almost took out a guy at the supermarket today.  I rounded the corner, and I was suddenly face-to-face with a vampire.  And he looked hungry. I mean, why else would he be in the supermarket, right? 

And don’t get me started on the zombies.   Zombies just might be the scariest things out there.  Not that I’ve met one, but I did — unfortunately – watch Resident Evil with the hubby and I’m still freaked out by the thought of being bitten by one.

So I made something extra tasty this afternoon.  You know, just to make sure that the zombies wouldn’t go after me.  😉

With November arriving at the strike of midnight, we will now officially step into the Holiday Season.  (54 shopping days until Christmas, by the way).  Soon, the malls will be bustling with shoppers.  Kitchens everywhere will come alive with the tantalizing aroma of cinnamon, pumpkin, and sugar cookies.  And families will begin their holiday traditions. 

There are some family traditions that have extended into my new life as a married woman.  Like baking gingerbread cookies every Thanksgiving.  Or decorating sugar cookies for Christmas.  My sister and I have done it together every year since we were little girls.

I’ve come to realize that traditions keep families close.  They build memories that last a lifetime.  They remind you that you’re home again with the ones you love. 

I’d like to begin some new traditions.  Traditions that belong to the new family that was formed when Nate and I were married.  Traditions that revolve around picking out a Christmas tree.  Traditions that involve Thanksgiving morning, apple picking, decorating, and eating cinnamon rolls.  (After all, cinnamon rolls just seem like something a close family should eat evey once in awhile).  🙂 

I know that most traditions just happen and aren’t planned.  But I’m curious as to what some of your favorite holiday traditions might be.  I won’t steal them. I promise!! 

Although, I might borrow an idea or two, if you don’t mind.  🙂

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

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6 Responses to Traditions, Cupcakes, and Zombies

  1. Definitely going out with dad to pick up the Christmas tree. And then decorating it with Christmas music blaring, and sitting down with hot chocolate to admire the decorations afterwards.

    ALSO, going for ride to look at Christmas lights.

    I’d *like* to make Christmas caroling a tradition. It always puts me in such a great, holiday mood. 😀

  2. Meg says:

    I’m totally with you– not a big fan of the scary part of halloween. It’s probably partially because I’m such a weenie about scary things. Growing up, my brother and I always made shape cookies at Christmas time. We used to fight over that.

  3. Jeannine Como says:

    I like our family Christmas, which is actually held on New Year’s day, when the entire family gets together to eat, interact, laugh, and just enjoy each other’s company. The grandchildren pick names for gift exchanges, and that’s always fun. But the best part is the coloring contest that I hold for the grandchildren. They each color a picture from a coloring book, and I award prizes for the prettiest, most colorful, neatest work, etc. The prizes are candy canes, and, of course, I find enough categories that everyone wins a prize!

  4. justmarriedgirl says:

    This is so interesting! Mike and I haven’t really created our own traditions yet. I mean, it’s only been a year, but maybe we need to think about starting something that’s just ours!

  5. Allison says:

    Christmas morning my family opens presents, and then we make a HUGE breakfast – as a kid the extended family would come too and it was a blast. Also, as silly as it might sound, going to Starbucks to get a cranberry bliss bar – there’s something about hearing the Christmas music and enjoying that dessert that signifies the holidays have arrived!

  6. dianacheung says:

    you did NOT make those baked goods!! so gorgeous!! My family tradition is reading the sunday paper together…it’s so dorky but we don’t really celebrate “american” holidays growing up!

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