Is it Friday yet?

Happy Friday!!!

This week didn’t drag in the least bit, but I also don’t feel as though I blinked and then it was over.  I really focused on adding a bit of quiet time to my day, whether it was sipping on some hot tea before work, reading the Bible during my lunchbreak, or playing with a fuzzy cat before making dinner.  I even watched a bit of Matt Lauer on the Today show one morning.  Wow, that brought me back to my college days!  🙂  Every day, I tried to add a bit of quiet time to the craziness that is my life, and it really made a huge difference in my outlook.  I feel calmer.  Happier.  More full of life! 

But that doesn’t make me any less excited that today is FRIDAY!!

I’m particularly excited that this Friday is here, because that means tomorrow is the housewarming party for me and Nate!  I am so excited to show my family the house and how it’s coming along.  In fact, because we want it to be perfect, Nate and I scrubbed the place from top to bottom.  Well, most of it anyway.  We did start to get tired after a couple hours of scrubbing.  😉 

It’s not like the cats helped things move along either.  They’re really into baskets apparently.  If I put a basket down anywhere, one of them had to check it out…

And when he had finally moved along, the other had to take his place. 

They also wanted to play with whatever I was trying to organize or clean.  This was particularly frustrating when I was trying to make the bed.  They both seem to think that rolling in the sheets is the epitome of fun.

Speaking of making the bed, I finally pulled out the new bedspread.  Remember how, back in April, I finally ordered a bedspread for the master bedroom?  JcPenny was having a sale, and I had to choose which one I wanted?  (It was my blog article titled Patience, because I was quickly learning that turning a house into a cozy home does require a bit of that… especially when one isn’t a millionaire.).  🙂  I’ve had the bedspread stored in the closet, waiting for Nate to paint the room during his week off in November.  But this seemed like a really good reason to finally take it out of its packaging.  Let me tell you, it feels really good to have thrown out the fuzzy blue one that was so wripped.  This is much better!

In addition to all our cleaning and organizing, look what we found!  Just in case some kids come to the party, we wanted to make sure that we had a couple of games for them.  So we stopped at Walmart, and Nate was convinced that we just had to buy the Dr. Seuss Matching game.  I, on the other hand, was beyond thrilled to see that they still make Chutes and Ladders. Do you remember that from your childhood?  It was definitely one of my favorite games growing up, and I was horrified to find out that Nate had never played it before.

 So I guess you can imagine what Nate and I will be doing tonight. Oh, yeah. He’s going down those chutes!

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3 Responses to Is it Friday yet?

  1. Ahhh!! Chutes and ladders! I hope the kids play with it so that I can join them. :mrgreen:

  2. Meg says:

    I’m all over those games, nothing like acting like a kid again! Have fun at your housewarming party! We bought our house over a year ago and STILL have yet to throw one. Oops.

  3. Katie says:

    Hahaha! My sister-in-law and I used to play Chutes and Ladders in college! How funny is that. I love throwback games like that. And I love your beadspread, too – hope the party went well!

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