Eight Smiles

I thought I’d have a fun post about some of the things that made me smile yesterday.  It’s like a Saturday Smiles post… only one day early.  🙂

#1.  Yesterday,  I made Nate his first ever peanut butter soy butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast.  I used hearty bread.  All-natural Smucker’s strawberry jam.  And lots of love.  Then I sent him off to work with a kiss. 

He came home and told me that he’d really liked it.  The sandwich, I mean.  (Although he liked the kiss to, of course!).  And then he thought the huge smile on my face was based on my excitement over his liking something so healthy.  But honestly – between you and me – I’m thrilled that I now have this as a we’re-out-of-everything-else meal option.  I mean, what’s easier than peanut butter soy butter and jelly? 

#2.  You think you know your spouse, and then he comes home with the Joy of Cooking cookbook.  Apparently, he had bought it before he and I were even dating, and then he forgot it at his parent’s house.  I cannot wait to begin cooking from it!  (I already received special permission to write tiny notes in it, because I believe that cookbooks are meant to be written in).  🙂

#3.  Don’t ask me why we waited for the arrival of the cold weather, but Nate and I have initiated a Ben and Jerry’s movie night tradition.  Once a month, we’re going to pick up a new Ben and Jerry’s flavor of icecream to try, along with a movie.  And since it’s never too cold for icecream, we began the tradition last night.  The movie:  The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock.  A bit slow-paced, but very heart-warming and sweet!  The icecream:  Neapolitan Dynamite.  Cherries and chocolate.  Need I say more?

#4.  I’m not rushing Thanksgiving… I promise!  But I am so excited for ABC’s 25 days of Christmas countdown.  Nothing says “It’s the Holiday Season” quite like Christmas specials on TV.  🙂  You can bet that I’ve already printed off the schedule, so that I won’t miss my favorites.

#5.   But as I promised, I am not rushing Thanksgiving.  What do you think of my new Thanksgiving decoration from Pier One?  It’s a pumpkin made of twigs, and it’s lined with white lights.  Originally, I was a bit over-whelmed when I saw all the decorations in the stores and realized that I was only going to allow myself to buy just one.  But really, it’s worth it. Sometimes, quality really is better than quantity. 

I love how cozy it makes the living room feel.

#6.  My rolltop desk is finally home. 🙂  It was a graduation present from my parent’s, and we never got around to moving it from their house to me and Nate’s new home.  Finally, I have my writing nook back!  (Although it’s big enough that we could also probably rent it out as a studio apartment).  😉 

#7.  I love Stacy’s all-natural, cinnamon-sugar pita chips.  It’s like eating a sugar cone that’s been sprinkled with cinnamon.  Except really, they’re baked pita chips sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.  They’re perfect for those wow-I-need-something-crunchy-and-sweet moments.  (Yes, I was craving sugar yesterday.  I ate really good all week and exercised every day. So yesterday was the hurdle I needed to jump over, because I wanted dessert, dessert, and more dessert.  I combatted the feelings by allowing myself to actually eat dessert, and now I don’t crave sugar anymore.  Oh, how I love intuitive eating).  🙂

#8.  I’ve begun making my list of holiday foods that I just need to bake in the upcoming weeks.  Gingerbread men, anyone?

Hope you’re having a GREAT weekend!! 

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4 Responses to Eight Smiles

  1. A big YAY for intuitive eating! 😀

    And I’m so glad to hear that you can now make Nate soy butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. They’re so yummy, and that’s awesome that he likes them. 😀

  2. Caitlyn says:

    I have seen soy butter in the store but never bought it. Does it take like PB or does it have a unique taste of it’s own??

    I’m excited about christmas movies, as well! They really put me in the mood for the season!

    And your roll top desk is classic. My parents have one downstairs that used to be my grandmas! They have such character and history.

    Congrats on intuitive eating! It seems easy, but can be a challenge for healthy people who try being too healthy. Been there done that! Sorry this went on so long.

    • Nicole says:

      Love long comments! 🙂 Soy butter definitely has a unique flavor. I personally prefer peanut butter, but the hubby is allergic. Nate doesn’t really like soy butter by itself, but eating it with the jam was a hit. I, on the other hand, will stick to peanut butter. 😉

  3. dianacheung says:

    i’m so behind on your blog but I love the holidays as well..but this year…is gonna be pretty lonely for me!! 😦 BTW I loveeee abc families xmas month too!

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