The Thanksgiving Jar

My mom has a tradition of asking the family — as we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner — to list one thing that we’re thankful for.  And to be honest — when we were small — my brother, sister, and I put up a bit of a fuss and maybe even rolled our eyes just a bit.  We were thankful for everything, of course.  Family.  Friends. Food.  Oxygen.  Wasn’t everyone?  Why did we have to pause our Thanksgiving feast to state the obvious?

Now that I’m an adult, I see the wisdom in my mother’s call for thankfulness.  As a child, it’s easier to become amazed.  Breathless.  Captivated.  And it’s not uncommon to find beauty in the little things.  Earnest prayers said before bed are filled with childlike gratitude and humbleness.  But when you’ve officially stepped into the rat race, it’s easy to focus on what you want instead of what you already have.  It’s all about moving forward and striving for the next big thing.  And sometimes you forget that you already have everything that you need.

To write down everything I have to be thankful for would be an impossible task.  There is so much.  But to write something each day?  To pause a moment and to jot down something that I can’t thank God enough for?  It feels almost necessary.  Because sometimes, we need to be reminded of how fortunate we really are. 

So I pulled out some card stock from my craft closet and found a glass jar at a Home Good’s Store.  And so began my Thanksgiving jar… soon to be a Thanksgiving tradition in my home.  🙂  (See what my future children have to look forward to)!

My Thanksgiving jar was first filled with slips of paper on which were written names of family.  Friends.  People who mean the world to me.  I now pass the jar and can’t help but add a new blessing to a slip of paper.  There are so many blessings.  A warm home.  A good job.  Freedom.  Health.  Where to begin and where to end?

My mom had it right. 

It’s Thanksgiving.  And the very least I can do is give thanks.

What are you most thankful for?

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9 Responses to The Thanksgiving Jar

  1. what a cute idea! I love THAT! You just might have started a tradition for me!

  2. mariellafoster says:

    This is a lovely idea – I’d love to do this when I have a family. I might even start now! 🙂 Right now I’m thankful for a God who is unchanging and always faithful. My awesome family. The changing seasons and rythms of nature. A warm home. Imagination. I could go on … 🙂

    I hope you and Nate have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

  3. Krista says:

    Last year we made a wreath with things we were thankful for. All the kids traced their hands and made construction paper handprints and wrote what they were thankful for. 🙂 We then glue all the handprints to a circle of cardboard, stuck a ribbon on it and voila! 🙂 loads of fun.

    I like your idea though. Maybe we should use it this year…

  4. What a brilliant, adorable idea! You’re right, it’s so “common sense” when you’re a kid, but it gets harder as life gets busier to slow down and just be thankful for where we’re at.

    Right now, I’m thankful for health, family, and having the ability to chase my dreams. 😀

  5. undividing says:

    I’m most thankful for my husband and my son! So many smiles and giggles as a result of those two!

  6. And … ahem … I’m also linking to this post and hoping all these links are okay! 🙂

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