The Nest

When Nate and I were engaged, one  of my favorite wedding websites (and magazines) was The KnotIt has everything a bride needs, from inspiration, to planning, to vendors.  So imagine my excitement when I came across The Nest.  Put together by the creators of The Knot, The Nest is a magazine for the now-married couple who is embarking on adventures of home-buying, home-decorating, money budgeting, family planning, and week-night cooking.  It has the same fun, colorful format and is chock-full of creative ideas. 

Guess what I want for Christmas?  😉 

Oh, and speaking of weddings!!

Look what came in the mail the other day!!

My cousin AJ is getting married in April, which means a spring wedding… and an excuse to buy a cute dress and some new shoes.  🙂 

Are you a fan of The Knot? 

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6 Responses to The Nest

  1. wittywife says:

    Thanks for mentioning The Nest! I came across it once after using The Knot (and to some extent, The Bump, i think it’s called.)

    I’ll have to check it out again!

  2. Jeannine Como says:

    We had the pumpkin pancakes for breakfast this morning. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  3. love1025 says:

    hahaha…i was obsessed with the knot!!1 like crazy obsessed. i think i have been cured though 🙂

  4. dianacheung says:

    i’m “iffy” about the knot!! I love the deals but some of the pics of the weddings make me sad I don’t have their budget!!

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