Thanksgiving – The Practice Run

Today I am putting together a mock Thanksgiving dinner.  See, my husband has this theory.  He’s concerned that every year, I will succumb to my fear of huge turkeys until the day that — due to unforseen circumstances — I will be asked to put a Thanksgiving dinner together.  And then, I will be forced to make a turkey for the first time… with the pressure of having dinner guests coming over to eat it.  And I know that were this theory to become true, the end result would be as bad for me as it would for the turkey.  I’d be frazzled.  A bit frizzy. The cook that no one wants to come near.  And the turkey would be tough. Dry.  Or maybe under-cooked, so suddenly everyone would be in line for the microwave.  Either way, I wouldn’t be happy.  And Thanksgiving is all about being thankful… and happy.

And don’t think — for one second — that I would cheat and buy all the food pre-made at a grocery store.  Shudder. I would never live that down.

So today, I am making turkey for dinner.  Along with stuffing, butternut squash, broccoli casserole (which will be a nice practice run, since I’m making that for the official Thanksgiving), mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce (which will be a nice topping for the turkey if it’s dry, because I have no idea how to make gravy).  

**sheepish grin** 

Hey, Martha Stewart herself had to start somewhere.  😉 

I will admit that I’m cheating a little.  I’m starting with a turkey breast, which is plenty big enough for me to practice on.  It’s actually larger than a small chicken, so I can only imagine how big the turkey was.  Seriously, how would I fit such a large bird in my oven?  So we’ll see how it all turns out.  Stay tuned…

Oh, and on a bright note, I finished my Christmas shopping!  Can’t wait to share the fun Christmas shopping pics that my sister and I took!!  🙂

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving – The Practice Run

  1. Jeannine Como says:

    Gravy is very easy to make——–I can teach you, if you’d like. Are you making your own cranberry sauce? Teach me how. Our turkey is nearly 40 lbs.! Wish me luck!

    • Nicole says:

      Oooh, cranberry sauce is SO easy! We’ll have to teach each other… you can teach me how to make gravy and I can teach you how to make cranberry sauce. 🙂 And that is one HUGE turkey! I’m sure it’ll be great!

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