Is it Thanksgiving yet???

One day until Thanksgiving… Can you believe it??? Are you ready to gobble ’till you wobble?  (For the record, I don’t believe in gorging oneself. But that has to be the funnest saying ever, so I just had to write it here).  Somehow, saying “Are you ready to intuitive eat until you’re satisfied” doesn’t cut it…  😉

I have absolutely no idea  how I’m going to survive this last day of work, as I feel like a little kid standing in line at Disney.  Is it time yet??  And I’ve come to the conclusion that excitement works even better than a cup of coffee.  I haven’t had any caffeine, but I’m bouncing off the walls with energy.  Just ask my husband who has the day off and who is trying to sleep in.  😉 

I can’t help it.  The itinerary for the next couple of days is pure fun…. and definitely tasty.  🙂

Wednesday night (because I can’t wait for Thursday to start having fun):  My sister and I will be listening to Christmas music and decorating gingerbread men. It’s  a Thanksgiving tradition that dates back to when I was about six years old. 

Thursday:  Thanksgiving Day, which will be spent with my family.  Talk about lots of laughter and good food!  Not to mention that I broke down and couldn’t wait to give my mom her Christmas gift… So I labeled it a Thanksgiving gift, signed it from the family, and will be giving it to her tomorrow.  Ooh, I love handing out presents!

Friday:  Call us gluttons for punishment… seekers of bargains… or maybe even crazy.  But my sister and I go Black Friday shopping every year.  What an adrenaline rush.  😉

Saturday:  The hubby turns 27 years old on Sunday, and I’ll be making him his birthday dinner on Saturday night. As always, he wants a meal that I’ve never prepared before, because my husband is adventurous like that.  Thank goodness for my Joy of Cooking cookbook!

Sunday:  The hubby’s b-day!!  Not sure what he wants to do yet, but we’ll be spending the day together so it’ll be a blast.

What does your week look like?  Who are you going to spend Thanksgiving with this year?

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