We found curtains!

Half a mile up the street from my house is a quaint country store, which sells antiques and vintage decor.  The owner of this store is a warm, older woman who greets you with a smile and the determination to help you find just what you need.  Today, I needed curtains.

It was no easy task, even for a professional such as herself.  We had half the living room furniture there in the store, from an over-sized pillow to one of the couch cushions.  My mom helped to arrange whimsical-patterned curtains across the cushion, teaching me that it’s okay to mix patterns and colors.  See that curtain on the left side of the pillow? It’s black.  But the beige, red, and green trim matches our living room chair perfectly.  The addition of black would give us one additional color to work with and would keep us from red over-load.  Thank goodness my mom was there to share her experience!  I never would have thought that.

I’m learning.  Slowly but surely I’m learning.  🙂

The choice was a tough one, and I kept closing my eyes, trying to imagine the colors and patterns in our living room.  The owner of the store wouldn’t have any of that and sent us home with five curtains to try out.  (This, my friends, is proof that supporting small town business is worth it).

Seeing the curtains in the window helped me decide immediately.  I knew that I loved the black checkered pattern.  Nate, on the other hand, didn’t like it quite so much and wanted to go for a star-patterned pair.  I’ve always said that I don’t want a husband who just says “yes, dear” to avoid an argument, but at that point, I was beginning to think that this would be nice.   Or maybe pills that would cause him to agree with me on such necessary occasions.  😉  Compromise and working together really is a challenge when you’re both convinced you’re right. 

But after putting up and taking down several curtains, Nate pointed out that a pair he liked would look good in the den with the new leather couch.  And because of that, he was willing to let me pick out the black ones for the living room.  Success!!!

Sooooo, the winners are…

The black checkered pattern for the living room.  We were only able to test out valances in this color but ordered the swag style.  (That’s my mom in the pic with me below.  She and my dad were so generous to help us buy these curtains.  And I appreciated that she came with me and Nate to help find the curtains, because I definitely didn’t know what I was doing.  Thank you, Mom, and Dad!). 

And for the den, we ordered a red checkered style to tie into the living room.  These are on backorder, so we won’t get them until January.

Here’s to hoping that they work out perfectly and that my curtain shopping days are over… or at least until I decide to add curtains to the bedroom.

The house is really coming together!  In addition to the curtains, we were able to pick up a couple of lamps today with gift certificates we had at Lowes.  Now all the living room needs is a couple of pictures for the walls, and we’ll be actually finished a room. 

 ***Happy Face***

Our Christmas decorating endeavors today were not so successful, however.  😉  We realized that we were missing extension cords, Christmas bulbs, and Christmas lights (the ones we had bought had white wire, so it looked rather odd against the green of the tree).  So we’ll enjoy doing that on Saturday instead. 

 Still, it didn’t stop Santa Claus from making an appearance.

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4 Responses to We found curtains!

  1. I *love* the patterns and colors of the curtains! Very cute, and they have that “warm” feeling to them. Love it. 😀

    (p.s. that is the cutest Santa Clause I have ever seen 😉 )

  2. Hayley says:

    Congrats on finding the curtains 🙂 They look great!

  3. jelillie says:

    Hmmmm Santa Claus looks a little feline today! Congrats on the curtains!

  4. Nic says:

    The curtains ended up being a lot easier than you thouht! Yippee! Happy Friday!

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