A weekend in pics

Mini vacations just aren’t long enough, and I’m kind of sad to see it end!  There just wasn’t enough time to do everything we wanted to.  But there was enough time for…

… a bit of indulgence.  Whipped cream on my hot chocolate, please!

…a touch of silly.  I so wanted those Christmas antlers.

…moments of tranquility.  The courtyard inside the Boston public library.  It was freezing outside, but the hubby wanted orange soda.  Me?  A tall pumpkin latte please. 🙂

…Christmas tree decorating.  Our first real Christmas tree!  We named  him Wayne.

We also added some lights and garland to the banister leading upstairs…

…. and finally found some curtains.  🙂  Yep, I think the hubby and I make a pretty good team!  Can’t wait until our next day off together… in February. 

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5 Responses to A weekend in pics

  1. Caitlyn says:

    Sounds like a fun vacation, even if it was short!

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend! Your decorations are wonderful!

    xo I am your newest follower

  3. tashacleary says:

    Your decorations look so lovely 🙂

  4. justmarriedgirl says:

    Your tree is beautiful! And I love the garland on the stairs. Perfect!

  5. dianacheung says:

    omg. I’ve been wanting to go to Boston soooo bad. Glenn is there right now and he says it was gorgeous. 🙂 Happy holidays

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