Oh Biscuits

Biscuits, I imagine, shouldn’t be that hard to make.  Flour.  A touch of salt.  Shortening or butter.  Baking powder.  For a girl such as myself who cooks homecooked meals on a daily basis, biscuits shouldn’t be a challenge.  Why then, can I not make them?

I remember the buttery smell of biscuits baking in the oven, as my mom ladled large helpings of her homemade beef stew into strawberry-patterned bowls.  The timer would beep.  And suddenly all time stopped as I pulled the biscuit apart, the flaky layers giving way and simply begging for a pat of butter or a touch of strawberry jam.

My biscuits, however, tend to resemble crackers.  I follow the recipe carefully, but the little round circles don’t rise in the oven.  Actually, they tend to sink a little.  And unfortunately, they aren’t very tasty as crackers either. 

Nate assures me, “It’s the recipe.  It’s not you.”

This very same line was used by my mom and sister when I was shopping for a bathing suit.  “It’s not you,” they assured me, as I stared at myself critically in the mirror.  “It’s the bathing suit!”

Whether they are trying to butter me up or not, I choose to believe them.  Because having a close family is like having your own personal support group follow you through life.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  😉

Besides, it really was the recipe.  Next time, I’m going to ask my mom for her biscuit recipe.  Because hers is tried and true.  And I refuse to believe that I just can’t make biscuits.

What recipe gives you a hard time, even though it should be easy?

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8 Responses to Oh Biscuits

  1. jelillie says:

    Biscuits were my arch enemy in the restraunt too Nicole! Err just a little on the recipe or the mixing (also very important) and you end up with little stones or piles of biscuit dust. You’ll get it don’t worry 🙂

  2. Hayley says:

    I didn’t grow up on biscuits, I grew up on challah courtesy of my Jewish grandmother. And I will never ever in a million years be able to make it like she makes it. Really, I struggle with any type of yeast bread because I’m impatient and don’t like to wait for dough to rise…and I also struggle with baking in general because I don’t own a digital food scale. I still try my best, but often with subpar results. Funny enough, my family also tells me that it’s “not me”. I have to agree with them when it comes to challah, because no one can make it like my grandmother 🙂

  3. Pancakes always give me a hard time. Even the mix you buy at the store. The only pancakes I seem to be able to make are the ones from Pamela’s Mix (you can get it at a health food store or online). I either burn my pancakes, or they don’t get cooked all the way. Grr

  4. Rice! I have the hardest time getting it to that perfect consistency without resembling a thick risotto.

    (p.s. it really *was* the bathing suit!)

  5. wittywife says:

    I have a hard time cooking almost anything. I can never get the timing right, and I feel pretty overwhelmed trying to multi-task and get the timing right on everything.

    I like the biscuits in the tube that sort of ‘pops’ when you open it. Those always come out much better than anything I could do.

  6. justmarriedgirl says:

    Quiche. It tastes fairly good, but it’s always so thin, like an omelet. Grrr.

  7. Caitlyn says:

    Bread. You never know if it’s going to rise.

  8. oh man… I don’t know if I could bring myself to try to make biscuits. I’ve just made my first real pie from scratch, so I’d better wait a while until I try biscuits! 🙂

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