All I Want to do Before Christmas…

As you know, I have weddings on my mind, and I am struggling not to write about that once more.  🙂  This is, after all, the first time I’ve been a maid of honor, and I have so much planning to do.  Not to mention the fact that I have some cute dresses to buy for the other weddings and showers I will be attending.  But I am trying to  hold back a bit for now, as there is a very big holiday coming up. And I haven’t really posted anything about it yet… 

After all, as of today, we can officially begin singing ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas.’  Sigh.  Why does this holiday season have to fly by so fast?  I don’t know about you, but last night I felt a bit sad at the thought of everything I probably won’t have time to do before the holiday arrives.  There just isn’t enough time.  And it’s easy to feel the holiday blues as though you’re missing out… or even missing Christmas. 

So I have put together a do-able list of everything I want to do before Christmas.  As for the things I don’t have time to do or bake this Christmas, I’ll just save them for next year.  🙂  I think that to fully appreciate the Christmas season, you have to be reasonable and not try to cram too much in too little time.  Remember, simple often is best!

(I was actually shocked at how short my list was.  When I took the time to write down what I really want to do before Christmas this year, I found out that I really can fit everything in). 

All I Want to Do before Christmas Is

Bake Christmas cookies

Wrap Christmas gifts while listening to Christmas music

Make a Christmas craft

Drive around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights (while sipping on hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music).

Watch a Christmas movie (or two)

Fill out my Christmas cards (with Christmas music or a Christmas movie playing in the background)

Make a couple of Christmas cookie plates and give them to the neighbors

 What’s on your list?

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6 Responses to All I Want to do Before Christmas…

  1. During these 12 days remaining until christmas, I want to bake christmas cookies galore, sit by the christmas tree with hot chocolate and good book, deliver Christmas cookies to the neighbors, purchase and wrap my last two christmas presents, and blast christmas music!

    I should mention that you motivated me to do my christmas shopping early! By this evening, I am hoping to have all my shopping done!! I’m usually a last minute shopper.

  2. I am hoping for a day to go to Downtown Chicago to look at the decorated windows and visit ChristmaskindlMarket at Daley Plaza. The rest will sort itself out.

  3. YES to the Christmas cookie baking! And driving around to look at Christmas lights. And spend some Saturday morning sitting in front of the Christmas tree with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. 😀

  4. Jos says:

    Hm..I don’t have anything particular that I wanna do before Christmas except spending quality time w/ hubby 😀

  5. justmarriedgirl says:

    I was just saying to Mike that I feel like it’s all going by so fast, too! I hope you get to do everything on your list (or at least half the things) before the holiday.

    We are planning to see White Christmas (the play), but prices are so high before the 25th. We’re thinking of going after the fact, and hopefully, it will keep the cheer going. Maybe you can check some of the things off after Christmas and prolong the holiday fun, too!!!

  6. Cassraev says:

    Hey! Wow, I *love* that most of your to-do list are my family traditions! That’s so neat! XD Anyway, this year I’m just relaxing with my family and my boyfriend’s family. =) I have been working in retail for a while and feel that I have missed out on so much… 😦 I prayed about it and felt that it was best over all to put my 2 weeks in. So I did! My guy comes home on the 18th! XD I hope you have a merry christmas! 😉


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