Winter Wimp

My husband and I are winter wimps.  There, I admitted it.  Now I’m on the way to recovery.

He and I adore summer and love the cool crisp weather that belongs to autumn; but somewhere between November 14th and December 15th, we prepare for hibernation.  We pull out the thick blankets.  Make a list of movies we want to watch and books we want to read.  Stock up on fuzzy socks.  (Well, I do anyway).  And we prepare to spend the upcoming months indoors, where we can admire the pretty snow from the comfort of our living room. 

Winter wimps.  We hate being cold.  And since we live in New England, there’s not escaping it, even if you are in hibernation mode.  That is, unless you have a job in which you can work from home.  If that were the case, I’d totally order my groceries online and seriously never step foot outside until spring. 

Since I’ve lived in New England all my life (other than two years spent at a college in Florida), you would think that I’d be accustomed to the cold by now.  And this hatred of anything icy, snowy, or shivery certainly wasn’t passed down by my family.  My younger sister runs miles outside in this weather.  So does my 78-year-old-grandfather.  Now you see my shame?

I could accept the fact that I’m different and that I belong somewhere down south, like Florida, if being a winter wimp didn’t make me so unhappy.  I want to get outside this winter and to actually enjoy the snowy weather.  I want to go snow-shoeing, and sliding, and to make a snowman.  I want to make an effort to actually embrace the winter season.

And so my husband has stocked up on warm lining to put underneath his pants.  We bought some thick winter boots so that we can go out and play in the snow.  I’m investing in some ultra-warm gloves and socks.  And we bought a gym membership.  Hey, our gym’s parking lot is a quarter-mile from the gym entrance, so that means we have to brave the elements to get there.  It’s a start, right?  😉

Are you a winter wimp? 

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10 Responses to Winter Wimp

  1. Krista says:

    Heck, yes, I am a winter wimp. Unfortunately, due to parking wars on our street (long story), you’ll find me walking to work most of this winter. 😦

    Man, I can’t wait for spring for SO many reasons!

  2. Er .. yup!

    I love the beauty of the world at this time of year, but NOT the cold. Brr …

  3. wittywife says:

    I’m a winter wimp, too! I also grew up in New England and lived there until just four years ago. My sister LOOKS FORWARD to winter every year. LOOKS FORWARD to it. She even coaches a snowboard team.

    So when I moved to Washington DC, it was GREAT. Hot summers (90’s, humid) mild winters (average high of around 49 in early December…not too bad!)

    Except last winter, we had over 50 inches of snow. Washington SHUT DOWN. Then this past summer, we had record days over 90. And then the funniest thing of all – we had no fall, and have now been in the 30’s and 20’s…20’s!!! for daily highs. 20 degrees below normal!!!

    This is NOT what I signed up for! Where is it sunny and 75 every day? Because I’m moving there.

  4. Hayley says:

    I could have written this post 🙂 I’m also a winter wimp. Honestly, I don’t even bother trying to like it. I know that I don’t do well in the cold and the winter has always been something that I just try to “get through”…maybe I would be better off if I pushed myself to try skiing or something but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

  5. Nic says:

    I might be in the minority here, but I kinda like winter. I think I have to, I live in MN and would be miserable most of the year since our winters start in October/November and go through the end of March! I find things to keep myself busy outside- snowboarding, hockey, running or walking the dog. Some days I have to convenience myself, but most days I like the blustry winter season.

  6. Jos says:

    Hm I’m a minority here too…I kinda like winter and cold weather. It’s weird since I grew up in a tropical season country 😛
    Guess I haven’t really experienced the real winter since there’s no snow in LA.

  7. I live in South Dakota, so this winter weather is fine by me (really don’t have a choice anyway). It’s the blistering wind that I despise! And boy, do we have a lot of it 🙂 But overall, it’s not too bad.

  8. Jeannine Como says:

    Of course I am! That’s why I spend the winter months in Florida!

  9. justmarriedgirl says:

    I am with you. I can never get used to this cold, and I find myself counting the days until warm weather. I often ask Mike, “So, why do we live here, anyway?”

    My walk into work from the parking lot is so crazy long, that I consider it to be all the exposure I need. The idea of playing in the snow? Fun! The practice? Not so much. I’ll take white hot chocolate, a fleece blanket and my DVR queue any day!

  10. dianacheung says:

    hell yeah I’m a wimp!! Why do you think I needed help in getting a thick coat the other day!!!

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