You asked for it… :)

Many of you asked for the story behind the hole in me and Nate’s driveway…  I suppose a driveway on fire is not something you hear about every day.  😉

I actually wrote about it right after it happened.  But it was back in May, and I ‘met’ most of you after the event.  So without further ado, I give you the link to how the hole in my driveway came to be.  Remember the Crater.

Do you have a curious guy at home who likes to find out for himself why he shouldn’t do something?  🙂  Any scientists in the making?   

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One Response to You asked for it… :)

  1. Hahahaha! So I just read it and it cracked me up! YES! I have a husband JUST like that! Even worse, one of our best friends, Tony, is always at our house and the two of them are forever getting into mischief together. They always have good intentions, but inevitably we end up with situations just like yours. 😉

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