Breaking out of the Usual

Something horrible has happened.  Something dreadful and unimaginable and just out-of-this-world awful.

Nate and I have turned into tired, I-want-to-stay-home adults.

We swore it would never happen.  We vowed that we could remain responsible and balance careers without losing the carefree, fun attitude of teenagers.  We’d always be kids at heart.  Always in search of new adventures.  Always be too full of life to stay home on a Friday night.

You know, that type of thing.

But as of late, we’ve been tired.  We’d begin planning a fun night out with friends, but the fun night would soon morph into a Saturday evening spent with our close pals Television and Pizza.  And our date night wouldn’t be much different.  Sometimes Miss Icecream would stop by. That was always a special treat. 

I remember how spontaneous Nate and I were when we were dating.  He’d call up and — on a whim — we’d head to the ocean for a sunset dinner.  Or we’d actually go out for an icecream.  Life wasn’t so planned.  Days weren’t so scheduled.  Monday night didn’t always have to be cleaning night.  Something fun could happen any day of the week.

So last night we did it.  We took the first step towards breaking the mold. 

Sure, it was just a lite dinner and a movie.  Disney’s Tangled to be specific, which wasn’t my husband’s first choice in film. (Probably wasn’t his third or fourth pick either).  But we were being spontaneous.  We had decided, last minute, that we wanted to go out together. That we wanted to have fun.  In fact, when the movie was done, we meandered over to the electronic store to take a peak at the televisions (that was all for the husband) and just walked around and talked.  It was nothing exciting, yet it was SO perfect. And very much needed.

Sometimes, it feels good to just break the mold and to be a bit spontaneous.  It keeps us young at heart.  It keeps life interesting and exciting.   And to me and Nate, not even yet thirty, it’s something that’s super important. There will be time to be tired later on. Not yet. Not now. 

Are you spontaneous?

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8 Responses to Breaking out of the Usual

  1. *Laugh!*

    At the grand old age of 26, I’m aware of the way tiredness c-r-e-e-p-s into life and sqaushes spontaneity! BUT … I do try and practice the art of spontaneity. It’s a good thing to do – from time to time … to sieze the moment and do something fun! 🙂

  2. Caitlyn says:

    Now I feel like a grandma! I should really learn to “break the mold” and be more “spontaneous.” It’s so easy to do the same things over and over. I’ll have to work a little hard to add some spice to my life. Hmmm…maybe I’ll dye my hair blue! Or add anchovies to my wrap for lunch!! Just joking..maybe 🙂

  3. Jenna says:

    I soooo identify . . . we have to work at being spontaneous. =) It’s worth it though, after you get over that initial hump of inertia!

  4. Oh girl, I hear ya! Christopher and I are SO scheduled that it’s incredibly difficult to have a moment of spontanatity. We volunteer 4 nights a week and most weekends we’re out of town or if we’re home then we are working on the house. We’ve realized lately that we really need to cut back on our volunteer work to have more time to play, but we need to train people to take over for us first (which could take months). Anyway, so on Friday nights when we have nothing officially planned… we love nothing more than to have pizza and a movie date night at our house. *grins*

    • Nicole says:

      There are definitely some really busy periods of life, and it sounds like you’re going through one. 🙂 But busy can be fulfilling, especialy when you’re volunteering and helping other people! And I hear you with the needing a night in. Sometimes, a pizza and movie date night is JUST what’s needed, especially when life is so busy.

  5. dianacheung says:

    hell NO i’m not spontanous and it drives my fiance nuts! Mon through Fri we go through the same routine of staying at home…but I’ve gotten better and gone out to a movie during the week day!! You are right…we need to “live” a little! Imagine when kids get involved…then we’ll really be losers!

  6. jereomyb says:

    I do agree. Keeping things spontaneous keeps life full of surprises. This time of the year, (winter) its easy to fall into a normal pattern of television and seperate couches and drifting off to sleep without saying “goodnight”… Keep living, laughing and loving!


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