No Television January

Nate and I have decided to give up television.

Not forever.  Not for a year.  Not even for months.

 Just for the next 21 days (except for the already-scheduled movie night with my sister this Saturday and football on Sundays).  😉  But other than that, there will no longer be an hour or two of television before bed.  No television on Friday nights.  No crashing in front of the TV after a long Monday.

We both came to the agreement that a little bit of TV is relaxing but that it wouldn’t hurt to cut some of it out.  So until the end of January, we’re going cold turkey, so to speak.  And I won’t lie, it’s a bit daunting.  The house is going to seem so quiet, and we’ll be forced to come up with our own entertainment.  Like we’ll actually be reading again.  And maybe organizing the things we normally wouldn’t have time to.  We’ll be talking… a lot.

The No Television January officially started today for us, and I’ll be honest.  I’m crazy excited about this.  I think that as hard as it’s going to be, we’ll find that it’s also going to be incredibly rewarding.  Not only in our personal lives but also in our relationship.  … if we don’t drive each other crazy first.  😉 

Nah, we’re too in love to do that!!  🙂

But think of all the things we’ll fit into these upcoming weeks, just because we’ve decided to live the next 21 days, rather than letting a character on the screen live life for us.  We’ll have more time to spend at the gym.  We’ll probably be more spontaneous.  We’ll read more, I’ll write more, and maybe he and I will both begin learning guitar again. 

I really think that this is going to be amazing.

Have you ever given up television for a brief span of time? 

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7 Responses to No Television January

  1. Oh wow, that’s going to be quite a challenge!
    Admittedly, I don’t watch a hell of a lot of TV (I don’t actually get any TV channels so I watch about 3-4 shows online every week) but I do sometimes throw it on for something to do.

  2. That’s great! I hope you guys enjoy this time! 🙂

    I never watched TV growing up. At all. And I didn’t have time in college or grad school. However, Christopher did. So to me it was a real waste of time while he enjoyed just being able to sit back and relax. We don’t have cable because we’re too cheap to pay for it (plus we’re never home when good shows are on), BUT! We do love our Netflix and Hulu – I definitely have found that I enjoy the world of just sitting back and enjoying the flashing images in front of me. We don’t spend much time watching Hulu/Netflix, but we do spend too many hours volunteering so we’re trying to cut back on that a bit so we can spend more fun time together instead of working. 🙂

  3. Meg says:

    Good for you guys. I probably watch too much tv while doing other things: eating, homework or whatever. When we moved a while ago, we never bothered to hook up cable for a couple of months and I didn’t miss it. I found myself paying more attention to my dog, not staying up so late, hitting up the gym and reading a lot more. I think you’ll enjoy your tv-less time. 🙂

  4. I did this last summer for a month and had *major* withdrawals during the first week. But then afterwards, I really liked it. And, actually, I kind of feel as if I should do it again.

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you guys! 😀

  5. Karla says:

    Good for you! We haven’t given up television completely but we gave up our cable and only get four stations with our little antenae. It’s taken some getting used to but I think it has brought our family a lot closer together.

  6. Growing up, we got the news channel, and that was it. Maybe Sesame Street if the weather was cooperating. 😉 We watched more movies than TV, and not even a lot of movies. My whole family loves to read, and so we read in the evenings, or talked, or played with the animals.

    Now that I’m “grown up” (*coughs*) and married… well, my Better Half and I don’t even own a TV. We have a tiny portable DVD player… and our computers. I don’t know what I would do if we had a TV. I think I would be lost, disgusted at all of the bad shows, and would probably end up throwing it out of the window first chance I got. 😉

    So instead of watching TV, my husband and I play WoW together. Or talk. Or go on dates – and talk. Once in awhile we read. (I have a ton of books, but he doesn’t like the type of books I do – generally – and it’s hard for me to “keep him in books” because he goes through them so fast. If he starts reading one, he won’t put it down until he finishes it, even if that means it’ll be 1am before he comes to bed… unless I force him to stop reading and come do something with me. :P)

    Good luck with the no-TV-January!!! Keep us updated. 🙂

  7. Jenna says:

    What a fantastic idea! I’m sure you guys are going to have a blast using that TV time in other ways. We’ve been watching a lot of Netflix instant play to unwind, so I feel like I need to keep an eye on our movie time to make sure it doesn’t spiral out of control and become our default. Last night we decided not to watch anything, and we ended up playing the guitar/singing, reading, talking, etc. It was lovely!

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