Don’t Cry Over Lost Snow-Days

The alarm clock went off bright and early this morning, and I nearly fell out of bed in my anticipation of grabbing the phone and calling work.  The dreaded snow-line rarely gives any comfort.  In fact, I’m convinced that the recorded voice I hear on the other end of the line — the voice which tells me that the offices will be open as usual despite the falling snow — must come from a tanned individual who resides on the sunny beaches of Florida.  Surely someone from New England would see that the weather outside wasn’t fit for man nor beast.

But snowstorm after snowstorm, I hold my breath as I make that call, hoping that maybe I’ll get to spend the day in the comfort of my cozy home.  And then, snowstorm after snowstorm, that recording tells me in its monotone voice that the offices are open and that I should probably get shoveling.  This snowstorm was no different. Visions of relaxing inside with the hubby all day were instantly replaced with the vision of me outside in the cold and wind, shoveling in the darkness. 

I think I stared out the window for a good five minutes, willing myself to be tough.  And reminding myself that I wouldn’t melt, even if I would look a tad bit messy.  There was this struggle of should I call out of work anyway, since I knew that most of the department would.  No one would scold me for taking safety precautions and remaining home during the blizzard.  Safety first, right?

But still, I didn’t feel right skipping work, when I’ll have Monday off (due to Martin Luther King Day).  So that was that.  I had to accept reality and just make the best of it.

Still, there was this moment, when Nate and I were outside shoveling, that I just wanted to throw down the shovel and stomp my way back into the house.  I don’t mind shoveling as a general rule, especially when there’s a hot shower and a cup of cocoa waiting for me afterward.  But getting sweaty underneath my jacket and also feeling as though my fingers and toes are going to fall off from the cold, just before I go to work for the day?   (It never fails to amaze me how I can be so sweaty and yet so cold all at the same time).  It was almost enough to send me into a frenzy of tears. 

Or into a fit of laughter, which is what I did… twice.  Apparently I laugh when I’m exhausted, cold, and getting ready to drive to work in a snowstorm.  Good to know.

This guy kindly drove me into work, so that I didn’t have to face the treacherous, country roads.  It was his day off too, so he could have still been in bed.  Instead he woke up early to help get me shoveled out as well.  I love my husband to bits!

 Anyway, even if I didn’t get my snowday, I think I made the right decision in going into work.  God taught me a few things… Such as how to have a positive attitude, even when things aren’t turning out the way I want.  😉 

That being said, it doesn’t mean that I’m not REALLY looking forward to having Monday off.  I’m really, REALLY looking forward to it now! 

And who knows… The winter season is still young.  Maybe I still have a shot at that snow day.  😉

Did you have a snow day recently?

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73 Responses to Don’t Cry Over Lost Snow-Days

  1. Meg says:

    I can sympathize. At my old job, if the electricity was on, I better be there. I was terribly late whenever it snowed heavily (only happens a few times a year at least). Your hubby was so sweet to drive you to work. I love when mine does that.

  2. I didn’t have a snow day… boo. Since I live only ~5 miles from where I work, I can’t claim bad roads as an excuse either, haha. I did not, however, exceed 20mph the whole drive to work… and most of the time went closer to 15mph. The roads were terribad… I don’t have 4WD and was having fun slipping and sliding around on slush. Note: “fun.” I wasn’t flipping out but I still dislike not having complete control over my vehicle.

    Oh, and – as far as I know – I don’t get Monday off. I do get either Wednesday or Thursday off… but I have to work next Saturday, which is kind of sucky. Oh, work, how I wish I could just… not go… but still help people and earn money!! 😛

  3. allieksmith says:

    Awww that is nice that you got driven into work! I had no snow day yesterday either 😦

  4. It’s nice you got driven to work! I did get a snow day, but my husband (who is the biggest snow lover ever) didn’t. It was really sad for him. So I didn’t play in the snow one bit until he got home and then we went and played.

  5. Great story, and I totally feel your pain: I, too, have wondered how the heck one can be so hot and so cold at the same time while shoveling…that’s one of life’s great mysteries.

    Enjoy Monday! 🙂

  6. Lauren says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post! I’m definitely not a fan of sweating while freezing either!

    I work at a bank, so snow days are seriously few and far between. It amazes me how many people will come to the bank when it is sleeting on top of 5 inches of snow..

    I’m looking forward to having Monday off, too! Enjoy your extra day off!

  7. You’re a stronger woman than I am. I would have whimpered and rolled over and not called in one little tiny bit.

  8. I’ve got to hand it to you, you’ve got a lot of determination! I’m a freelance graphic and web designer, and I can say I do get days off from school, but I have never gotten a day off from work. Why? All of my work is done sitting in front of a computer at home.
    I’m actually grateful for that, because it means that I don’t have to commute anywhere. And it also means that I can relax for some time, maybe with a cup of coffee or two.
    Ashley, aka, TheEverydayMuser

  9. Andrew Hall says:

    I work at a residence for men who are disabled and I was stuck at work from Tuesday 3pm – Thursday 7am. My wife had Weds. off and was able to get our driveways plowed.

  10. Lindsay says:

    I didn’t get my snow day, either. Never do! I live in Toronto so I don’t have to shovel my way out, but I DO have to stand at a freezing cold, snowy streetcar stop for a good 30 minutes to get to work. WEEP!

  11. I blog from Haiti–no snow here–but must confess to missing it–not the shoveling part, but the cozying down with cocoa part–
    From Port-su-Prince,

  12. hunter71 says:

    I don’t know how you do it. I live in California and it has been 40 degrees in the morning with about 65 degrees in the afternoon and I can’t wait for summer. I love to play in the snow for about an hour and then I am ready to go home. I can’t imagine living in it and not being able to drive away from it. It is so pretty, I just like feeling my fingers and toes. 🙂 Hunter71

  13. Aww… but just think of that wonderful calorie burning workout you get whilst shovelling snow…lol… I know- especially mornings are hard… especially when it’s dark… I am so ready for some spring sunshine!

  14. I can relate! On December 27th despite the fact that Governor declared a state of Emergency and told everyone except plows and emergency vehicles to stay off the roads, my boss (who by the way was vacationing in FL at the time) was mad that only the two people who live a block away made it in!! And of course no snow day yesterday!

  15. newsy1 says:

    I live in Colorado and even when we are up to our ears in snow, we are expected to grin and drive-it. But at least in the mountains the snow stays white unlike when I lived in the Midwest and it would quickly turn to that grey-black. We are so high up here that it melts pretty quickly so few snow days for me.

  16. milieus says:

    We don’t get snow days. Mostly because everyone knows that our snow will be gone by the end of the day. A few people called in yesterday saying they couldn’t make it, but I always have to be there. If I’m not in the office and taking calls from those lucky people who can’t make it, then no one in the office would know who’s in and who’s out. So sad. I want more snow!

  17. leonabriggs says:

    The nice thing about living in the south is you can pretty well count on snow days at most places! 🙂

  18. Oh yes indeedy, I had TWO snow days recently !! After having a pretty close call on icy roads a few years ago, I’m afraid I’m a bit of a woose when it comes to slipping and sliding my way to the office by car.
    If the trains are running, then I’ll stomp my way to the station and shiver my way to work, but if they’re suspended and I can’t get the car up the drive, then no way Jose, I’m not going anywhere.
    Downside to the snow day of course is that I get my pay docked … I have to say though, it was worth it.
    Your guy’s a real treasure – lucky you!

  19. Sarah Hanlon says:

    I can sympathize with you as well… we received about 18″ here on the NY/MA border (plus about 3″ on top since the wind started howling). Glad to hear you chose to face the flurries, though! I was thinking about pulling an all-nighter to keep up with the snow Wednesday night, but decided it wasn’t worth it.

    Just think of blue skies and sunshine… 🙂

  20. livvy30 says:

    Freshly Pressed…YAY! 🙂 And yes we did have a great time in Boston. Thanks for the suggestions!

  21. God i miss school snow days. This post reminds me of turning on the news, and reading that scrolling banner at the foot of the screen.
    So sorry you had to go in today, but thank you SO much for bringing me back.
    Oh — congrats on being FP.

  22. As a Southerner, I often wonder how people can live up north on purpose(!)knowing that it’s going to get so cold and snowy. And then I see pictures of spring and summer gardens in northern states and I understand. 🙂

  23. whenquiet says:

    Your “sunshine” is your man!

  24. Hi there really like your writing style very much like mine!! great post!!!

  25. We don’t get many snow days out here at Mountford. But I have had a few early morning phone calls to say the creek has decided to play lake again and we can’t come into the property. I quite often drive in as close as I can get and take photo’s though.

    I do feel you pain with the snow days. Because I am the resident tech geek here at Mountford I don’t really get a day off I just get a change of location!

  26. Nic says:

    That’s why we got a 4×4, no shovelling needed 😛 But yeah snow’s a real drag.

  27. Em says:

    I live in the south. When it snows here, the entire world stops. I have been off of school the entire week. Enjoyed your article. Sorry you didn’t get your snow day.

  28. rtcrita says:

    Yes. We just had two. Well, actually three because I called Monday a snow day on my own when the storm first started — not knowing what the afternoon would look like and not wanting to take a chance everyone would get stuck somewhere but home. The kids had to go back to school and work today, but believe me, after three days of lazily lounging, no one had much energy this morning!

    Hope you get your snow day soon! Only not bad enough to do damage–just enough to keep you at home with the hubby!

  29. justmarriedgirl says:

    Now I feel guilty for going on and on about my snow day yesterday. You’re bound to get lucky one of these days!! At least Nate drove you to work. What a great husband you have!

  30. justmarriedgirl says:

    By the by, I just realized you were Freshly Pressed today. Double YAY!!!!!

  31. It was after reading your snow day post, that I realized your many posts on almost each previous month of the year. Each posting indicated a sense of humor and insight to the human condition. Your writing has a wonderful engaging style, and a skill you should take to a professional level. Thank you for sharing yourself, your life, and your family. You truly were a great choice for “Freshly Pressed.”

  32. Congrats on your FP status! Ver cute post!
    Yeah, I am OVER the snow days. My kids missed 5 days of school because of barely 3 inches of snow….OK, we live in Atlanta where there are 2.5 million people and only 10 snow plows….you do the math.

  33. mindslam says:

    I’m with you…it’s nice stay home when it snows…especially since the kids get out of school too. I just wrote something about how crazy it is here where I live when it does snow (because we hardly ever get any)..stop by & check it out!

  34. Leilani says:

    There were many tears (mostly from school kids) in Clyde, TX over the fact that the snow passed us by.:( But since our fixer-upper has yet to have central heating…the snow can wait!

  35. Ha… in Michigan nothing ever shuts down for snowstorms either, except the kid’s schools. Those plows just get right out there an clean it up!

  36. vicki says:

    Happy to say I am finishing my 4th snow day in a row, and I live in the South!!
    Of course I’m a librarian at an elementary school so any threat of snow or
    ice and schools close. Hoping for tomorrow to make it five in a row. Oh by the
    way, we are off Monday also.

  37. Snow Days in Bull City are a joke! I mean they shut the entire city down for 2-4 inches. They should better prepare, and invest in some salt trucks.

  38. harpersfarm says:

    I too, look forward to snow days. I get them whenever school is cancelled. Unfortunately, I live in an area that is super cold and snowy all winter, so snow days rarely (if ever) happen. I keep on hoping, though 🙂 Great post!

  39. dandelioninthewind says:

    Thank you for the bit of encouragement! Very applicable to many areas of life.
    I live in the south, so schools and many business places were closed for three days this week. But I really can’t complain; I miss the snow. So my version of this post would probably be, “Don’t Cry Over Lost Snow.”

  40. Lakia Gordon says:

    I had a snow day recently… blah lol

  41. sabastionms says:

    Well I’m from Kansas and we had some snow recently it was last Sunday and Monday so since I work doing landscaping I can’t do anything over the winter anyways but fair enough because I am still in High-school and we did have a snow day Monday and Tuesday, it was pleasant but I was still out and about… surprising there’s not much for a sixteen year old guy to do in a college town… Especially if you don’t care for sports

  42. April says:

    I enjoyed your article.

  43. accepting says:

    I live in the South, and we just had our 4th snow day in a row. Tomorrow’s canceled as well.

  44. Yay!! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed…*again*!!! 😀

  45. YES… wow… I looked at the Freshly Pressed page and was like… WAIT… I started reading her blog because I found it on Freshly Pressed… and it’s here again!! 😀

    Congrats!!! You must indeed be as awesome as you seem. XD

  46. makingup3000 says:

    OK I think I definitely would of just stayed home. I wouldn’t even think about it that long. Just…it’s snowy….probably dangerous driving…….there’s a fireplace and hot cocoa inside. Yeah…my car got stuck would of been my excuse. You don’t get many chances to do that. My bad.

  47. The Chic Nerd says:

    Great post! 🙂 Have a happy Monday!

  48. toemailer says:

    Such a strange year…I am in Montreal which normally has tons of snow and gets pretty cold but so far it has been a mild winter with not much snow. So odd to see what seems like the rest of North America digging out when we are one of those places that gets it pretty good. Not complaining mind you, like you say, still some winter to go 🙂

  49. Nice article very nice to read.

  50. coffeepearlsgrace says:

    You just made me feel really ashamed for complaining about having to clear the 6 inches of snow off my car to go to work earlier this week. I don’t even want to think about beginning my day by shoveling snow; I’m pretty sure I would cry! I admire your resolve to hope for a snow day, and I’m hoping for one for you as well! Enjoy Monday!

  51. Paulichu says:

    We recently had 28 cm of snow. It was basically 3 days of going in and out of the house with a shovel. Now we’re expecting 15 cm more by Sunday!

    Despite all of that I know that I’ll be going to work on Monday. This past Monday when I drove in there was so much snow in the parking lot that we actually had to stop people from driving into it. We spent an hour with 20 people digging and pushing people out, then an hour and a half after that out for coffee waiting for the parking lot to be cleared.

    That’s as close to a snow day as I’ll get. I was sick last year for a full month (like cowering from light, moaning in pain sick) and my bosses no longer believe me when I call in sick. They think I faked the entire month despite doctors notes and the SCARS on my face from the swelling I accidentally broke open.

    Take a good snow day every once in a while! It’s not THAT devious.

  52. Maybe next time you will geta day off to enjoy the snow. Good post and congrats on getting freshly pressed.

  53. tknologlvr says:

    As you can imagine, Metro Atlanta is ill-prepared for any significant amount of snow/ice. Sleet and ice formed Sunday night and is still on the ground/roads/interstates four days later. Tomorrow will be our fifth snow day in a row!

  54. Valentina says:

    Aww,and you even had a chance to take pictures.Sweet!

  55. I enjoyed reading your post. I dont have snow days here, but htere are days when the snow is at work and i just have to face it. Hope you get an off day on a snow day soon 🙂 cheers. 🙂

  56. vixter2010 says:

    I’m lucky that I can get the train to work and in UK if there’s a tiny bit of snow all public transport grinds to a halt and I get to stay home! Well done for braving it ou there 🙂

  57. Kat Richter says:

    Sure did! Went to Starbucks to update my blog but spent the better part of the morning checking out the guys across from me 🙂

  58. klrs09 says:

    Nice post. I did have a snow day — unfortunately it was on a Saturday. But still, I enjoyed it immensely. I blogged about it, too. It’s the feeling a snow day gives you — that sense of permission to just hunker down and be safe at home that is so wonderful.

  59. ~the dish~ says:

    I used to live in Buffalo, Ny and because they experience SO much snow and such a crazy amount of it in one sitting, they would NEVER shut down anything even if people were shoveling themselves out of their cars on the highway. So during this past blizzard in NYC when the whole entire city basically shut down, I def understand how you feel. It was almost frustrating that the city took so long to plow everyone out, I WISHED I was at work, … go figure! Well hopefully things are better for you. But like you said, the winter season is still young *sigh Good luck!

  60. Good post 🙂 Being origally from Montreal, Quebec I hear you. We never have closed office in the winter. It looks like scraping ice or shovelling almost everyday in very snowy winter. It sucked hehe. Now that I live in NY for two years, I LOVE the fact that snow is a crises here and close offices in those days. Mind you, we have 1 big storm a winter 🙂

    I am sure you will have your day off this winter! Enjoy your 3days weekend!. 🙂

  61. Bless your heart! I cannot believe you had to go into work! They sound like my daughter’s bosses who made her drive in during Sno-maggedon last year. Her car was buried under two feet of snows, and her street wasn’t plowed. They told her to send them photos–Lands!
    We’re going on Day 5 here of ice. Of least I can now drive out of my neighborhood today.

  62. Artswebshow says:

    The worst of the snow hasn’t reached my area.
    Which is good because the staffing situation is really bad where i am.
    I’m sure you will get your snow day.
    Once you’re retired. lol

  63. Sara Watts says:

    Great post, looking forward to the next one. ~SW

  64. Marianne SCHWEIZER says:

    When I begun to read your blog, I thought it was the beginning of a very interesting book. You should think about going to be an author! Congratulation. I am not an English speeking person and have sometimes problems to understand, but your recitation is fantastic and ask for more!! Thank you for sharing your mood and feelings.

  65. I hope you get your snow day!!!


  66. The last snow day I had was my freshman year of college, when my Latin professor emailed us that she was not going to make it in because of the snow and that class would be held over email. She was going to send out three emails asking questions about some readings about Julius Caesar and we were supposed to reply from our dorm rooms with answers. I did not send any replies because I went back to bed and had a dream about Attila the Hun.

  67. conanvette says:

    I think I’ve had my fill of snow days, especially here in Virginia, it seems to snow every other day,,The tropics are looking great right about now!

  68. lnicole says:

    We have the same winter jacket! I’m taking this as a sign that I’ll read your blog religiously!

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