Themed Movie Night – Eat, Pray, Love

Yesterday was my one year blog-anniversary.  If that’s not an excuse to celebrate, than I hardly know what is.  Although honestly, between you and me, I find that I need very little excuse to celebrate.  To make good food.  To spend time with the ones I love.  So if you’re thinking that it’s a bit odd that I threw my blog a birthday party, then just know that.  I’ll celebrate anything… anytime… if it means I get to eat amazing food and spend the evening with my sister and husband. 

Just sayin’. 

And so, the three of us took a trip to Italy.  Checked in on India.  And then ended the night in Bali.  We figured that with Julia Roberts as a guide, you can’t go wrong.

This was the pre-scheduled movie night that I’ve been mentioning as one of the nights Nate and I were allowed to watch TV (as we’re giving up television for the month of January).  For weeks now, we’ve been planning a themed movie night in which we’d watch Eat, Pray, Love and then also — of course — do some eating of our own.  Honestly, the movie was just ‘eh’. 

But the food… oh my gosh, the food.

My sister Sarah from Running to Slow Things Down had read the book before we saw the movie, so she knew about the main character’s love affair with Italy’s pizza.  So we bravely set out to make our own homemade version of an Italian pizza.  My sister was insistent that our pizza was going to be amazing.  Perfect.  So she would settle for nothing less than excellence, which meant we had to travel half the globe to find fresh Basil.  (Seriously, is there a Basil famine somewhere? None of the grocery stores seemed to have it).  She was also insistent that we use fresh mozzarella, which meant we had to travel the other half of the globe for cheese.  Well, we at least traveled a lot. 

No lie, when a grocer at Market Basket told us that he had fresh basil out back, I wanted to throw my arms around his neck and exclaim, “I love you, Man!”  But I held myself in check.

Not settling for less also meant making our own pizza dough.  Kneading it.  Stretching it.  Drizzling it with olive oil and nestling it on a bed of cornmeal.  (My sister’s job).

Then carefully arranging mozzarella, fresh tomato slices, and basil on top.  (My job, which I took quite seriously).


Now the movie might be titled Eat, Pray, Love… but if our pizza endeavors were to be documented, I’d say the title would be Love, Pray, Eat.  Because a lot of love went into this pizza.  And we were praying, as we slid it into the oven, that it would actually come out okay. 

There was no cause for alarm though, because — between you and me — it was one of the most amazing pizza’s I have ever eaten.  No lie.  You need to go out and try making the pizza this week.  Or maybe right now, if you’re hungry and have the ingredients on hand.  😉  The crust was crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, with just the perfect touch of flavor.  The mozzarella melted, oozing throughout the pizza so that every bite was filled witch cheesy, warm tomato goodness.  The fresh basil and garlic powder (which we substituted for fresh garlic) just brought this pizza over the top.  (pizza dough from Bobby Flay).  (Pizza recipe from Giada)

If I could be in love with a food, I think it might be this. 


Oooh, yeah, love at first taste!


For dessert, we had opted to stop by a local bakery to see what they had for Italian pastries and confections.  We brought home Tiramisu and cannoli’s.  Just for the record, they tasted as good as they looked.  It was like amazing food over-load, and I’m not sure that my taste-buds have fully recovered.  Or that they ever will. 

Great, now I’m going to have snooty taste-buds.

Like I mentioned before, the movie Eat, Pray, Love was just okay.  I think my sister put it best when she said, ” I think there could have been way more eating and a little less praying and loving.”  The movie really did focus on the religious aspect of her travels to India and Bali, when Sarah and I had been eager to see her try new foods and experience new places.  That being said, our food definitely rocked, as did the company.  🙂  I can’t wait for our next themed movie night!!  And maybe even our next reason to celebrate.  😉

Have you ever had a themed movie night?  Any suggestions for us?

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12 Responses to Themed Movie Night – Eat, Pray, Love

  1. undividing says:

    Sounds like you guys had a blast! Even though it’s breakfast time right now, your pictures are making me crave a good piece of pizza : ) As for themed movie nights, I’ve attended some pretty awesome ones at my old apartment complex. One of our neighbors would hang some sheets out her window and use a projector to show the movie. Of course, she would go to great lengths to make sure the food/decorations related to the movie – she was both dedicated and amazing. The last one she had was South Pacific, complete with tiki torches and pineapples. We all moved before we could do Monty Python and turkey legs…I might just have to start up that tradition again though!

  2. I love the idea of a themed movie night! More time doing something (preparing) and spending time together. And less time actually glued to the boob tube!

  3. We have princess parties where we include watching a princess movie at some point during the day/night. But we’ve never really had a themed movie night where the movie was kind of the main thing. I’m thinking this is something I need to try out! 🙂 And that pizza looks deeelish!

  4. Haha…nothing wrong with snooty tastebuds. :mrgreen:

    Yes, I’m pretty sure we seemed a little too overexcited when the man at the grocery store handed us the basil. I can’t imagine he’s ever had two girls thank him so earnestly for such a little packet of fresh herbs. :mrgreen:

  5. Hayley says:

    Sounds like a great night. The pizza looks amazing! I love the idea of a themed movie night.
    I saw that movie in the theatres in the summer, and I was also pretty disappointed. Then again, I thought the book was totally overrated so I don’t know what I expected. I guess my hopes were high because I love Glee and Ryan Murphy (creator of Glee) worked on EPL.
    Anyway, glad you had fun 🙂 The company is always what makes the night anyway, in my opinion.

  6. hypno says:

    What is it with the movie, one day after I sow it I went to dominos and made a big order of margarita pizza and chicken pasta well I live in india I’m not indian and I live with other friends but I sow the movie 2 days ago and when I woke up the day after I couldn’t resist the lust for italian food

  7. justmarriedgirl says:

    That pizza looks amazing. I must try it!!

    I saw this movie when it came our, and I had the same reaction you did. I didn’t hate it, but I thought it could be better. Oh well!! At least you had amazing pizza and fab looking pastries.

  8. Yum–looks delicious! I love Giada’s recipes. I think when the film, “The Help,” open this summer I want to have a southern food theme night…with fried chicken.

  9. Every Friday is Pizza/Movie Night at our house. Lately I have been lazy and using shells that we fill. In the past, I have made the dough in my bread maker and then rolled it out. I know what is better but summer is too hot to be in my kitchen that long. Wait, it is no longer summer. Sounds like you guys had a great night.

  10. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I loved the book, which I just finished. 🙂 If you get some time you should read it, if you haven’t already. (I’m assuming that you haven’t, since you said that it was your sister that had.) Very good.

    I haven’t had any themed movie nights… but I do enjoy sitting down on a lazy day and watching an episode of Dr. Who with my Better Half. 😀 There’s something nice about hummus and crackers and Dr. Who (and maybe some popcorn… but shhh… hehe).

  11. dianacheung says:

    what a cute idea!!! that movie put pizza back on the map (i dunno if it ever left)!!! maybe you can watch chocolat or slum dog millionaire (make indian food) or watch white castle 🙂

  12. LKD says:

    That cannoli looks amazing! As for themed move nights, Sarge and I like watching The Big Leboswki at regular intervals, complete with White Russians!

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