The Art of Bargain Shopping – Part 1

So I want to talk about something fun for the next three days…

Like shopping!!  🙂  In particular, bargain shopping. 

For those of you who are new to Loving Simple Moments, let me tell you a quick story…  When Nate and I first got married, Nate thought he’d help me with the chores by washing the winter clothes that had been kept in our apartment’s storage unit.  In the process, he managed to shrink, shred, fuzz, and fade the majority of my winter wardrobe.  Because money was tight throughout the process of buying our first home, I entered this winter season with exactly eight winter tops.  Yikes!  And honestly, the summer wardrobe will need some help too…

And so, I have come a bargain shopping fiend.  I can’t afford to pay full price and dish out $60 for a top at Macy’s when my clothing budget might be $50.  I need sales.  I need discounts.  I need designer clothes for a fraction of the price.   😉

Some of you mentioned that you’d like to see more fashion updates on this blog, as I update my ‘slightly lacking’ wardrobe…  And so I thought I’d share some of my favorite bargain-shopping tips and some gold-mine finds.

I’ve written down some of my favorite, bargain shopping tips; but I already had an overly long blog post yesterday… 🙂  So I thought I’d just share one tip today.  It’s one of the most basic tips out there, but — trust me — it REALLY works. 

Bargain shopping tip #1:  Shop at the end of a season for out-of-this-world clearance prices.

Last week, I bought $170 worth of clothes.  I paid $53.

I found two, sparkle-accented tanks for $3 each at Old Navy and a tropical tank for $5 at Macy’s.  These normally go for at least $15 a piece.  At least… 

I found a pair of brown boots at Kohls. Original price?  $75.  What did I pay?  $20!  I was so sure that this was a mistake that I refused to get excited until I had actually paid for them.  But — yes — the clearance price tag had been correct.  They had been discounted $55!! 

I found a sweater at Bob’s for $12.  Normal price tag?  $25…

And last but not least, I found an artsy t-shirt at Macy’s for $10. Normal price?  $25. 

I love shopping after the season and picking up all the good deals.  Sometimes, it requires more patience, because there isn’t always a lot left.  So you’ll have to pick your way through racks of clothes to find the hidden gems. But if you ask me, it’s so worth it!

Do you shop at the end of a season to pick up the discounted items?

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4 Responses to The Art of Bargain Shopping – Part 1

  1. Love that top from Macys! And those boots from Kohls… what a steal! I actually went to Kohls website just now to see if they might possibly have those boots listed online (no luck).

    I am definitely a bargain shopper. I love shopping at Plato’s Closet (designer clothes for a fraction of the cost!) as well as places like TJ Maxx and Ross’s. I’ve had some amazing finds, but I think my best was a pair of Express jeans for $10! And they just happened to be in my size. I was so giddy with excitement, haha!

  2. Oh yeah, that’s pretty much the only time I shop (and I really hate shopping).

    But sometimes I go for regular price items because they are things I need. Sometimes I find that if I make a shopping list (like a grocery list for clothes) and only shop for things I need I spend less than if I bought a bunch of shit that I don’t need that’s on sale.

  3. Meg says:

    I need to take you shopping with me! Kohl’s and Macy’s are definitely good places to find great deals. Sometimes, I’m too impatient to bargain shop, but there’s definitely been times I’ve waited for something to go on sale!

  4. Shopping at the end of the season is the way to go for this girl too! Just this morning I received the soring ’11 Fat Face catalogue and fellin love with a couple of blouses and a caridgan. But I can’t afford them at the moment, so I’ll stop by the shop during the sales, in a month or so – which, last year, is where I found the lovely jeans I’m wearing at this moment! The hardest thing about shopping at the end of the season is the risk that by then all the nice things will be gone – I have to remind myself that I can live without this or that item of clothing and that I enjoy them all the more for the wait! 🙂 Shopping with a budget makes dressing with style and elegance more of an adventure – that’s for sure!

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