The Art of Bargain Shopping – Part 2

I don’t claim to be the expert on bargain shopping, by any means.  But I feel that I’ve learned some successful tips along the way…  Here are six of my favorite bargain shopping tips.  🙂

Oh, and if you’re a bargain shopper, please share some of yours!!! 

My Favorite Clothes-shopping, Bargain Tips:

#1.  Be willing to walk away from something you really like but really don’t need.  Most clothing items will, at one point, go on sale.  If it’s pricey and it’s not a necessity, I accept the possibility that I won’t get it this year… and then let it go.  Last year, I wanted a cute pair of boots more than anything, but I couldn’t see dropping $50 for shoes when I needed winter tops so badly.  I had to accept that. This year, on Black Friday, I found an adorable pair of black boots. They were $50 at Sears… on sale for $25! 

 #2.  If you know that you’ll have the will-power to say “no” to spending, don’t be afraid to search the pricier clothing stores online.  This will give you style ideas.  Oftentimes, you can create the same outfit much cheaper.  I used to stay away from any clothing website that would have pricetags over my budget. It was too depressing. Now, I enjoy the challenge of finding an outfit I love… and then recreating it in an affordable way.  Besides, knowing what’s in style helps me when I go to bargain, clothing stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  I love those stores!. 

I found this dress at JCPenny on sale for $20.  A dress at The Limited looked exactly the same but was selling for $90! 

 #3.  Don’t be afraid to walk into pricier clothing stores either… but always head straight for the back where the clearance racks are.  If they don’t have anything cute, walk out.  You can’t rush bargain shopping. Some days, you might leave a store with only one item… or maybe even nothing.  But other days, you might hit the jackpot!    This should be a tip in and of itself. Be patient!   🙂

 #4.  Don’t buy something just because it’s cheap.  I learned this the hard way.  You don’t want to come home with a lot of clothes that you really don’t like, because then you won’t end up wearing it.  When you’re bargain shopping, you should still look for clothes that fit your personality and style. If you’re not sure that you really like it, don’t buy it. Something better will come along! 

#5.  Keep a small notebook in your purse when you’re trying on clothes and jot down the styles / sizes that fit best at each store.  This will give you the ability to shop online for some clearance, clothing items.  I used to avoid ordering clothes at all costs, because I figured that I would have to try things on to know they fit. But once I started keeping my notebook, I could reference it to find out what sizes I’d need for various stores.  Each store is different when it comes to sizes and fits.  (How frustrating, right??).  Now I know what size I take in t-shirts, tanks, blouses, and dresses at my favorite clothing stores.  And when I get an email about a great sale, I can shop from the comfort of my own home.   

#6.  If you’re keeping a notebook of sizes you take at various stores, sign up for emails at these stores.  You’ll be alerted to sales and even receive coupons.  The other day, I received an email from New York and Company, which gave me $50 off a purchase of $100 or more.  (I’ve honestly never seen such an amazing coupon).  I bought $100 worth of clothes (many which were already discounted up to 50%) and only ended up having to dish out $50.

My total purchase consisted of: 5 tank tops (the nice ones with fancy ribbing), a cardigan sweater, a drape neck T, and a stretch bracelet.  After shipping, the purchase came up to $65.  Two of the tank tops were for my sister, so after she pays her portion, I’ll have paid exactly $50. What would I have paid had these items been full price?  $183. (And that’s not counting the shipping).  I saved $133!

***This being said, I do have to admit that I’m not against buying items at full price if they’re perfect or if I really need them. I rarely wait for pants to go on sale, because when I’m putting myself through the misery of shopping for pants, I just want to get it over with.  (Hate buying pants).  And I’ll be honest… I’m going to buy a nice dress for one of the weddings I’m going to this summer, and I plan on proably buying the dress from The Limited whether or not there’s a sale.  Sometimes, a girl has to splurge *** 🙂

Those are some of my favorite tips…  What are yours?

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8 Responses to The Art of Bargain Shopping – Part 2

  1. Tien says:

    when i walk into a store, that’s what i do too – head straight to the clearance rack 🙂
    i like tip #5 though: keeping a style/size notebook!
    never thought of that but it sounds like a really smart thing to do.
    i better start that habit….
    thanks for sharing nicole!

  2. I think I shop the same way as you, but maybe with a little less self restraint. Usually I am going shopping for something in particular (pants, shirts, shoes…). If that’ s the case, then I limit my purchases to that particular idem. I do make exceptions if there is something “extra” that is extremely well priced and I know will be worn!

  3. tknologlvr says:

    I love reading your posts. Can you tell me what theme you are using? I want my blog to have a drop down menu for the individual posts, rather than them appearing all on the home page. Thanks.

  4. Jenna says:

    I love your tips! I’m one of those people who can’t stand paying full price for anything . . . so yeah, when I walk into a ‘pricier’ store, you’ll see me walk straight towards the clearance in the back. =)

  5. Great tips! #4 is one I had to learn the hard way. I always felt like if something was on sale, fit well and wasn’t tacky that it was a great buy. But then I had a closet full of stuff that I fit and looked okay, but wasn’t AMAZING. So my rule now is that it has to have something about it that makes me stop and think “Wow, I really love this” because otherwise it’ll just go in the closet and get worn once a year, haha.

  6. #1 and #2 – yes, yes and yes!

  7. #5—I never thought of that and always feel like I am missing out when I get those great emails with coupons about online sales that I am afraid to shop!! Thx!

  8. That dress is adorable! I just got a very similar style dress from Charlotte Russe – which I normally don’t shop at but was having a great after-Christmas sale!

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