Here We Go Again

Here  in New England, we’re preparing for round # 4…  Or are we at round#5 now?  We’ve had a snowstorm every week in January, and February isn’t about to be outdone.  Between today and tomorrow’s storms, we’re supposed to have accumulated up to 20 inches of snow. Yes, two snowstorms back to back.  Way to go, February.  You rock…  😉

  I can’t remember the last time I checked the weather and saw a forecast of 20 inches… That’s a lot of white stuff. 

Since I’ve had to drive into work through every storm this year, you’d think that I’d be over wishing for a snow-day.  And I thought I did get over this around storm # 3, when I got my hopes up only to have to drive into work… and then shovel myself out afterward.  But here we go again…  The prediction of 20 inches has me dreaming of being snowed in all day with the hubby; with only books, television, and games to keep us company. 

I’m being perfectly logical this time though.  Like I’m planning on going into work tomorrow and will just be extra excited if I find out that work is closed for the day.  That way there won’t be any let-down and there won’t be a blog post titled “Don’t Cry Over Lost Snow Days – Part 2.”    (See part 1 here if you missed it.  It was Freshly Pressed, so I guess something good came out of the situation.) 🙂

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  Not getting my hopes up in anticipation of a snow-day.  So maybe I did pick up supplies to make French toast, and sugar cookies, and hot chocolate, and grilled tuna sandwiches.  In New England, you have to be prepared, right?  I mean, the only thing worse than driving to work in a blizzard would be to stay home all day and to realize that there was absolutely nothing to eat.  Shudder!

After all, every New Englander knows that snow-storms are just an excuse to stock up on snacks! 

So, well, you know the drill…  If I don’t blog tomorrow morning, it means that I’m shoveling myself a tunnel to work and didn’t have an extra moment to spend in front of the laptop.

The way I see it is this.  The snowstorm will do one of two things.  It will either give me my much-coveted snow day.  Or it’ll teach me, once and for all, that I — like the mailman — must go to work whether it’s rain or shine, sleet or hail.  And I think that finally, I will be cured of my I-really-want-a-snow-day-blues.

How’s the weather where you are?   (If  it’s over 70 degrees Farenheit and sunny, please lie).  😉

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8 Responses to Here We Go Again

  1. homesteadramblings says:

    It’s morning here in K.C. and I was hoping the same, staying in bed, french toast, the whole shebang. Alas, hubby is very stubborn and has diven off into the blizzard to put in his day at work. I expect he’ll be back soon enough though. The storm here has just begun.

  2. leonabriggs says:

    It’s only supposed to be around 49 today here in eastern NC. But tomorrow they say some areas around us will be pushing 70. I actually long for snow! We don’t get much here.

  3. We’re getting a crapton of snow here right now… and then freezing rain is supposed to follow tomorrow. This is the second (I think) big storm of the year here in my area (the same one that’s hitting you, Nicole, btw). I’m hoping for a snow day tomorrow (or rather, an ice day >_>) because my Better Half will probably be taking work off (he has a muuuuch longer commute than I do). Today, though… I will (somehow) make it to work. Probably by driving under 20mph the whole way… 😉 (Hey, I have done that before… and sometimes under 15mph the entire way [which is only like 5 miles]… made some people behind me impatient but my car does not have 4WD and I’m not comfortable driving on super snowy/slushy roads… so yeah, they can stuff it. :P)

  4. vixter2010 says:

    It’s grey, drizzling and chilly in London. Pretty miserable but no sign of snow. Hurry along Spring please!

  5. Mandy says:

    it’s icy & snowy in Dallas. And in general, no one hear has any idea how to drive in the snow. It makes it interesting. Thank you Lord for a 4 x 4! 🙂

  6. Oh my golly, that is a serious amount of snow!

    We’ve had an abnormal amount of snow for the South this year, but nothing like you guys are experiencing! Today the windchill is 11 and the high is 27… so wherever it’s sunny and 70 is where I want to be!

  7. I hope you get your snow day soon. You deserve a day of baking and cookies and grilled tuna sandwiches. That sounds divine. 😀

    Can’t wait for the Superbowl Party! 😀

  8. mom says:

    I understand where you are coming from, I guess New Englanders are pretty hardy people!! 😀 I really enjoyed reading your blog, in fact I am eating a snack while reading, all the snow is making me hungry!!!! Haha…

    You have a wonderful writing style Nicole, and I enjoyed reading your blog.


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