Don’t Cry Over Lost Snow Days – Part 2

When you’re a child, there’s something magical about a snowfall. 

The landscape is covered in a blanket of white; and suddenly the ordinary, familiar neighborhood becomes a new world.  Branches of evergreens hang low, forming dark, mysterious caves to be explored.  The fields are untouched and stretch out as a perfect sea of milky cream.  Each shrub, rooftop, and chimney is topped with a fluffy white cap. 

What once there was is no more.  The hills, streets, ponds and anything scattered along them have disappeared into the white void.  And there’s a sense of curiosity…  Maybe even excitement.  A longing to run through the perfection and to leave behind footprints, and snow-angels, and snowmen.  A desire to explore this new place.  To add splashes of color to this simple — yet beautiful —  world of white. 

And then, there is this battle within.  This need to leave everything as pristine and spotless as it arrived, and to allow each flake of snow to glitter in the sunlight like a sea of jewels.  Untouched.  Perfect. 

Then I grew up…

And snow took on a new face.  It became a tad bit obnoxious.  Just too big.  Bumbly.  Hairy?  Okay, not hairy.  But definitely untamed and out-of-control. 

And I entered the workforce and now the battle within is whether or not I should call out on account of the weather.  I blame the end result entirely on my parents, by the way.  😉  They taught me to have a crazy good work ethic…  So while 75% of the office had called out yesterday and was snuggled warm and safe in their homes, I was walking through snow valley and dodging the icicles falling from trees.

I was, I admit, in a bit of a bad mood, having spent the better part of the morning shoveling my car out.  Really, I had hoped to sleep late and then make French toast with the hubby.  So this trudging through snow was not on the agenda.  At all. 

I couldn’t help but hate snow at this point.  And wonder how long I would have to drive in a southerly direction before all the snow and ice would melt off my car.  Florida sounded good.  New England or any state surrounding it?  Not so good.

I wanted to wake up in the tropics. Waves lapping the beach.  Birds singing.  The warm feeling of sunshine on my face. 

Not this…

But there I was in the office, once again at my desk while the majority of the state was enjoying a snow day.  Only three members of my group had shown up.  My friends Crystalle and Marion were two of the five people who had shown up for their group, thank goodness.  Seeing two friendly faces helped to chase some of the gloomies away and brought out a more positive outlook. 

The office was quiet for a change, which was kind of nice.  And it was warm at least.  And I realized that as disappointed as I was, I was grateful to have a job.  Grateful to just be healthy and alive, even if it meant spending the snowy day at work.  (Trust me, peeps, this revelation came after much internal pouting).  😉

So we all made the best of it.  The managers who had braved the weather came around to share a joke or two.  We all emailed back and forth between phone-calls to customers.  One girl even bought m&m’s from the cafeteria and handed them out to everyone. Oh, wait!  That was me!! 🙂

So, okay. I didn’t get my snow-day again. And honestly, I doubt I learned my lesson. I think I might get my hopes up during the next storm too, because I’ll probably always wish for a snow-day.  😉  But I think I learned how to be a kid again.  Because sure, the snow is a nuisance. But it’s what you make of it that counts.

You can spend your time grumbling about the snowbanks…   Or you can climb them and be queen of the mountain!   🙂

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9 Responses to Don’t Cry Over Lost Snow Days – Part 2

  1. vixter2010 says:

    Love the scary snow monster 🙂

  2. justmarriedgirl says:

    With all the snow you’ve been getting up there, I was convinced this would be your week! I admire your determination in getting to work (and your good attitude).

    But just think, it’s only Feb. 3. Your snow day is coming! It has to.

  3. Oh man, if I had that much snow outside my door I’d be staying in for sure! Way to be so dedicated and having such a great work ethic! And I love that you are having such a good attitude about the snow too! 🙂

  4. Love the Snow Miser–“whatever I touch turns to snow in my clutch…”

  5. leonabriggs says:

    I’m jealous! I love snow!

  6. Carin says:

    you need one! i’m the biggest maltese ambassador. eloise is the first one i’ve had, but i’ll always stick to maltese. love their little personalities (and the fact that they’re so small!)

  7. Meagan says:

    Pumpkin DOES belong in muffins – I agree, thanks for the comment! I am glad you like the snow. I just got back to school in CA from NH where my parents live and so I didn’t get to experience the GIANT blizzard! Mixed feelings 😕

  8. I got the day off from work yesterday but I went in today and had to shovel the walk in front of the office so I could get in. Still, we had such a dry fall that when this snow melts the ground will be happy.

  9. Lauren says:

    Wow you trekked it into work! I feel your work ethic pain! They actually did call us off Wednesday but I didn’t even truly get my Snow Day.. it was my day off anyway! Oh well! Hooray for M&Ms!

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