Something Normal… Something New!

Have you ever woke up and just felt excited to be alive?  Thrilled with the possibility of a new day?  Put on a cute outfit, just because, and actually felt inspired to try something new?  Anything new.  Could be small or could be huge.  Doesn’t matter.  You haven’t done it before.  Or at least not in a long time. 

I feel that way today.  I feel that today is a brand new day, and while I could treat it as I do every other Thursday, I could also step outside the box a little.  Be a bit spontaneous.  Really live. 

Today might be just Thursday. I may spend the majority of it behind a desk.  I may decide to go to the gym after work, as I do most Thursdays.  But I’m also going to do something new…. Something different. I don’t care if it’s as simple as writing a letter to an out-of-state friend to let her know that I’m thinking about her.  Maybe I’ll try a new coffee flavor or stop by the Supermarket on my way home, just to pick up an interesting fruit.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even take a class at the gym.

Whatever I decide to do, it will be out of the norm for me.  And I can’t wait!

(Side note:  I thought I’d share one of my Valentine Roses with you.  Doesn’t the color remind you of spring??).  🙂 

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7 Responses to Something Normal… Something New!

  1. Haha…wow. We are so on the same wave length right now. 😉

    I love the idea of trying something completely new on any given day! 😀

  2. We all need to push ourselves to try new things more often. Lovely flower!!

  3. jelillie says:

    I think it’s the feeling of spring in the air don’t you?

  4. Love this! It’s easy to get bogged down this time of year so I’m glad to read this cheery post. And that is one beautiful flower! 🙂

  5. maggiemaes30 says:

    I sooooo need to make a conscious effort to do this! It will help to make everyday all the more special while also giving me something exciting to look forward to! Yippeee! That’s the good stuff in life 🙂

  6. alliecakes says:

    Yes! Love days like that… haven’t had one in awhile though since I’ve been so busy lately!

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