You Know You’re Tired When…

You know you’re in need of a vacation when you have a confusing ‘conversation’ like this with your husband…


Nate (yelling up the stairs to me):  Hey, Hun, can you turn on the printer for me?

Me (calling down from the office):  What?

Nate:  Can you turn on the printer for me?

Me:  What?

Nate:  The printer. Can you turn it on?

Me:  I have no idea what you’re saying…

Nate:  Can.  You.  Turn.  On.  The.  Printer.

Me:  Huh??

Nate:  Printer.  On.

Me:  Oh my gosh, I think you’re deaf!

Nate (laughing):  Babe, you’re the one who keeps saying “What”.

Me (sheepishly grinning):  Oh, yeah… 


I was getting irritated with him and thinking that he was deaf, but I was the one who kept asking him to repeat what he was saying!!  Yep, it’s a good thing it’s FRIDAY!  🙂  I’m officially losing my sanity.

Any fun plans for the weekend?  Do tell!! 

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8 Responses to You Know You’re Tired When…

  1. vixter2010 says:

    Haha, love this post! Comedy duo 🙂

  2. Ha!! Lucky he was laughing….my boyfriend mumbles, practically whispers and speaks at 5 times the normal pace all at once and then gets mad when I say “What?” LOL

    I have more cleaning and unpacking at my house this weekend…but we are taking a break on Saturday to take our nieces to Build-a-Bear 🙂

  3. jelillie says:

    I can see this episode in my mind’s eye. Hysterical! I am planning to go see my kids in PA this weekend and take them out to lunch at Bahama Breeze in King of Prussia!

  4. Haha! Loved reading this. I’ve so been there before! Get some rest this weekend. 🙂

  5. I… uh… get to work on Saturday. >_> And I’m not sure what I’ll be doing or with whom I’ll be working… I suppose you could say that my job is always an adventure (in a good or a bad way, I’m not sure – both sometimes!!). Sunday, though, I think that my husband and I will be going for a hike after church (as long as the weather remains decent – i.e., not below 20’F or else I will be frozen after walking a few miles [or even a mile, if the winds are strong]).

    (Today though, was a lovely change from the norm… February in northern PA and it was warm enough that I went to work in capris!!)

  6. sarahnsh says:

    I have issues with my clients sometimes understanding me. I throw an accent in there just because I like the sound of it and they look at me funny trying to get what I just said. We can hear each other pretty well, but my Mom and me, oh no, we are two deaf little old ladies talking to each other.

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