Sick Day… Times Four

So apparently, my sick day turned into a sick week.  I wish I had known this ahead of time. I wouldn’t have spent so much time planning ahead on my wardrobe.  Figures, the one time I pull together outfits during the weekend, I get sick and end up wearing pajamas all week instead.  😉

What can you do, right?  It’s not like such things give any warning.  My bout with the flu hit me like a ton of bricks on Sunday afternoon.  One minute, I was chatting away with my sister on our way to the mall to return an outfit or two, and the next minute I was falling asleep in the passenger side of her car.  I literally fell alseep five minutes after she dropped me off at home… at 4pm in the afternoon.  Nate came downstairs to see me dozing away on the living room floor, cuddled up with two fuzzy kittens.

“I think I might be sick,” I muttered, after he had woken me up and I realized that I was starting to feel a bit nauseous.

Yeah, sick.  Understatement of the year.  It needs adjectives.  Explanations.  Something that makes it obvious just how incredibly miserable I was for four days straight.

You know, they don’t make flu bugs like they used to.  I remember the good ol’ days when the flu bug lasted 24 hours.  This flu?  It lasted four days… and I’m still just getting over it.  I think my fever finally broke (finally), but I’m still super weak from having survived on gingerale and a side of tylenol for days.  I couldn’t stomach breakfast this morning and lunch consisted of a pear and a mug of therma-flu.  Tonight?  Well, Nate asked me what I wanted, and I realized that I was hungry enough to eat an elephant.  Then I ate a cheese stick and a bowl of chex and felt overly full.  Awww, the joys of getting one’s appetite back.

Anyway, today’s flu…  It’s apparently craftier and stronger than I remember too.  My fever was higher.  Chills were deeper in my bones.  Aches more intense.  Headache more pounding.  And coughing and sneezing more fierce.

Wait, coughing and sneezing?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Who has a cold on top of the flu?  According to my doc, this particular flu strain is leaving a lot of people with either a cold or sinus infection in its wake.  So in other words, if the fever is going down and the chills are subsiding, you still have a head cold to look forward to.  Grrreat…

At least, for me, the cold portion is not quite as intense as the flu.  For those four days of the flu, I couldn’t budge.  The chills were intense, and I couldn’t warm up no matter how many blankets I had on.  The cramping and aching in my legs was so painful that I had to rub or move my legs constantly.  I couldn’t do anything but sleep and watch TV.  Me and the Cake Boss are now best friends.  I’m not sure why I felt drawn to cake-decorating reality shows when I couldn’t even eat crackers, but every show I watched was about decorating cakes or cupcakes.

No lie, when the alarm clock for work went off this morning, I woke up in a panic and thought, “Oh, no, did I forget to frost the vanilla cake??”  Somehow, in my dreams, I had convinced myself that I was a cake decorator and that I had to run off to my  bakery. It’s no wonder, since I had spent four days learning about fondant, chocolate fudge frostings, sponge cakes, and cupcakes.  I was kind of disappointed that it was a dream.  🙂

And so here I am tonight…  Lying on the couch, a box of kleenex by my side and two cats nestled at my feet.  Today was my first day back to work, and it was kind of a rough one.  It’s always a high-stress job, but I was particularly sensitive… probably from the exhaustion.  Maybe I did or maybe I didn’t burst into tears the moment I got home.  But tomorrow will be a new day, and I’m sure that I’ll be feeling that much better.  Maybe my cough will be gone. Or maybe my nose will have stopped running.  I’m sure that I’ll be feeling that much stronger!  And at least the fever will be gone. 

For dinner tonight, Nate made a pizza, and I’m not sure that I’ll have room for a piece.  The vanilla icecream though?  Hmmm…  I’m pretty sure that I heard it has almost all the healing benefits of chicken noodle soup.  😉  So I think it’s time for some of that.

Missed you all, my blogger friends! 🙂 

And, hey, Friday has arrived.

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8 Responses to Sick Day… Times Four

  1. tknologlvr says:

    Glad you are on the upswing!

  2. I seriously hate being sick. I hope you are feeling ten times better today! Let me know if you need anything (girly magazines? oranges? a big box of kleenex?) Hang in there!

  3. Tien says:

    Awww, you poor thing….get well soon Nicole! Have a good weekend of rest!

  4. vixter2010 says:

    Ah you poor thing, sounds really rough!! Glad you are feeling a bit better. Ice cream is def medicine 🙂

  5. Glad to hear that you are rounding the bend and starting to feel better!

  6. leonabriggs says:

    Isn’t daytime tv the worst when you are sick?!

  7. poor you, i hate being sick. i was ill last week and i managed to nealry know myself out on the dorr frame of the bathroom as i had no concept of my spatial awareness!

  8. dianacheung says:

    Maybe I gave you my flu via my blog? Feel better…:(

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