National Goof Off Day

Today is just one of those busy days in which I wonder how I will possibly finish everything I need to get done.  It’s like I went through the drive-through of life and asked for an order of crazy with a side of insanity.  Hold the breakdown.  Extra chaos.

I told my husband that running away to Canada sounded really good right about now.  I wouldn’t stay forever. I’d probably just drive there and then drive back, because then today would be over.  But I suppose that wouldn’t be the responsible thing to do.  Someone has to make the hubby supper tonight. 

So imagine the irony when I saw — on a friend’s Facebook page — that today is National Goof Off Day.  Perfect!  Now I can goof off and ‘forget’ to do everything I was supposed to do today. 

Well, almost everything.  It’s not like I want to go anywhere without showering, doing my makeup, and brushing my teeth. So I’m not letting that go. And I can’t call out of work, because I have a huge conference call to prepare for and my managers are counting on me to do a good job.  I seriously can’t let them down.  The worship service really does need to get put together, and I can’t exactly not show up for music practice tonight.  And I can’t take out my busy schedule on my poor kitties, who need feeding and their litter box cleaned.  The grocery list really should get done as well, because I do like to eat.  And all of those emails from my friend’s wedding party that need to get answered ASAP… those shouldn’t be ignored either.

But other than that… I am totally goofing off today and no one is going to stop me!  🙂

(In case you were wondering, tomorrow is National Chip and Dip day.  Stock up now… Supplies are going fast).

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7 Responses to National Goof Off Day

  1. vixter2010 says:

    Happy Goof Off Day, I hope you get some time to relax sounds like a busy one! And yay for chip and dip day but once I start eating them I can’t stop 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    Girlfriend you just wrote about my day! How’d you know? 😉 I hope you get all accomplished that is needed & still have a little time left to goof off! A little goofing off keeps ya from stressing out too much… Hmmmm. Maybe I should take some of my own advice? 🙂

  3. LOL. I feel you. I always want to just blow off everything that I have to do and then I remember everything I have to do and feel guilty about not doing it!

  4. Nette says:

    I can’t blame you wanting to run away to Canada. It is pretty awesome up here. You’d probably want to stay forever and learn how to curl. Or something like that.

    I’m already looking forward to tomorrow!

  5. Wow you really know how to “goof off”!! lol

  6. Haha! You are totally goofing off, no worries. 😉 National chip and dip day sounds pretty swell too!

  7. BrittFit says:

    haha i need a good goof off day! love it 🙂

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