A Wife Gone Mad

Being too busy has never been a good thing for me…  Now I don’t mind a little bit of chaos, but when it reaches a certain level, I’m not always a pretty sight.  Last night was one of those evenings.  I had rushed to the gym after work to run three miles on the treadmill, and suddenly — at around 7:30 pm — I found myself home and surrounded by bubbling pots and unanswered emails. I’m bringing Pepere lunch today during my lunchbreak, and while I’ll have a smile on my face when I hand him his bowl of chili, I was a tad bit frustrated the other night as I was making it.

On one burner, the chili simmered and bubbled out of control, landing tomato sauce bombs all over my once clean counter.  On the other side of the pot, I was boiling some broccoli to go with my lunch today.  On the kitchen island, I was putting together a banana bread so that I could also provide Pepere with some dessert.  Cookies were baking in the oven for the function at work.

The cats were begging for treats… I had to email my friend’s mom back about the bridal shower we’re putting together…  I still hadn’t organized a worship service for church…  Covered in flour and darting around the kitchen at insane speeds, I could feel my blood temperature rising just a tad.

And then Nate casually walked into the kitchen and asked, “What’s for supper?”

Now I usually like to pride myself on being a logical woman and a good wife.  I’m  not the nagging type.  I don’t freak out about petty issues.  And although I’ll give him my opinion — and let him know that I’m pretty sure I’m right — I won’t beat the issue until it’s dead.  😉  We’re in this together and make decisions together. 

But there are moments, like the other night, when I turn into the very image of a wife gone mad.  And suddenly, everything was his fault… from us not having dinner on the table to the dishes lying unwashed in the sink to global warming. You name it… He should have done something to prevent it, because I obviously couldn’t handle it on my own.

Well, if you’ve ever met my husband, you know that he’s one of the most laid-back guys you’ll ever meet.  So while a lesser man would have shouted right back or stormed away to play a video game, my husband silently walked over to the fridge to put together dinner.  He later told me that I was — on no certain terms — to touch the dishes as he would load the dishwasher, and that he wanted leftovers for lunch the next day so I was also not to worry about making him lunch. 

And — ugh — this was very frustrating because now I was as guilty as anything! 

But I made it up to him afterward with a thank-you kiss and a giant slice of warm banana bread.  I try to be the best wife I possibly can be.  But I’m so thankful that on the days I fall short, he steps up to the plate and becomes the best husband he can be.

Happy Friday!!  🙂  Any FUN plans for the weekend??

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9 Responses to A Wife Gone Mad

  1. allieksmith says:

    Happy Friday !!
    Being too busy is just not fun haha I play the blame game when I am under stress too.. ugh!

  2. I certainly have those days where my immediate To-Do list is out the door and my head is spinning with anything and everything. I wonder how I can get it all done. Then, when I do, I laugh at how worried, stressed, and frustrated I got…until it happens again 🙂

    You are blessed to have such a good husband!

  3. I have those kinds of days too! Actually. I had a few this past week. Being too busy will definitely do that to a person..haha.

    Happy (much deserved) Friday! 😀

  4. Joss says:

    he’s a good man for sure your sweetie is!

  5. vixter2010 says:

    Aw your guys fit together well and nice to hear he’s so supportive. We all have those I want to scream moments don’t fret! Happy Friday and make sure you have some relaxation time at the weekend 🙂

  6. Homestead Ramblings says:

    Oh, those days are not fun. It sounds like you’ve been super busy all winter. Maybe time for an life style evaluation? At any rate, you are blessed to have such a super family!

  7. I can so relate. And your husband sounds a lot like Daniel. They’re amazing, aren’t they? 🙂

  8. Meg says:

    Yikes, you made me overwhelmed just reading about all this! Don’t wear yourself out!

    It’s when they don’t get mad that we realize we’re being a little crazy, isn’t it?

  9. cari says:

    ummmmm you must have been reading my mind!! this totally happened to me this week!!!! glad I am not alone 🙂

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