How Hard Could it Be?

I’ve been very focused over the past week or so on finding the perfect outfit to wear to my cousin’s wedding, which is this weekend.  As you all know, I found the shoes.  But now I’m second-guessing the dress.  And I’m second-guessing whether or not these shoes match that particular dress.  So my sister is coming over tonight for a bit of an emergency fashion show to help me make heads and tales out of all this.  When all else fails, bring in the cavalry!  🙂

But as I’ve been trying on dresses and shoes, I gave little to no thought about what my hubby would be wearing… until he came up to me the other day and admitted that he’s not sure if his suit still fits.  And he’s pretty sure that his nice shirt is stained.  So either way, he needs an emergency fashion intervention as well. 

So the plan is for him to try on the suit today to make sure that everything still buttons and zips like it’s supposed to… and then I’ll run to JCpenny after work — and before my sister comes over — to pick him up a shirt and tie.  Note to self:  we also need milk. 

For the record, I’ve never bought a man’s shirt and tie before.  But I wonder how hard it could be?  I suppose I’m about to find out.  Thankfully the hubby has his measurements all written out for me.  Guys are very particular about shirt sizes, apparently.  I mean, there’s a number for the chest, the arm length, and even the neck width.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve never needed to know the width of my neck and don’t care to start now.

I can see it now… Me and my sister shopping in the dress section, and I stomp my foot in frustration while saying, “Oh, that stinks.  They don’t have my neck size!”


Yes, shopping for a guy is completely different than shopping for a girl.  This could be interesting…

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6 Responses to How Hard Could it Be?

  1. vixter2010 says:

    I am the same – I have complete fashion emergencies before special occasions, nothing ever looks right! I’d be quite scared of man shopping too – just don’t get anything pink and you should be fine 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t know where to start with shopping for a guy. Thank goodness we women don’t have to worry about neck sizes. At least there’s ONE thing that we have easier when it comes to shopping. 😉

  3. Neck size makes sense and it’s annoying when a dress shirt is not sized by the neck measurement. My husband has definitely had a problem with a shirt that fit everywhere but the neck…not good if you’re going to be wearing a tie too.

  4. Tien says:

    Oh yes, they have sleeve length and shoulder width too! Very tiresome….lol!

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