Saturday Snapshot: Snow?!?

So apparently New England didn’t get the memo.  Because I woke up this morning to hear my husband exclaim, “Oh no!!!”  I ran to the top of the staircase, expecting to see the worst.  And I did… 

It snowed last night.  And it’s still snowing.

So, New England, you may have not got the memo.  So I am forwarding it to you now.  It’s spring.  We want sunshine, and warmth, and flowers.  Not more of that freezing cold white stuff.  Honestly, I’m just plain tired of my winter coat and boots.  If you could get right on that, I’d appreciate it!

Thank you!

How’s the weather where you live?

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9 Responses to Saturday Snapshot: Snow?!?

  1. Oh no! I wish I could send some heat your way! It’s 65* and only 6:30am.

    Make the best of an expected situation and have a great Easter!

  2. Ha! Seeing pictures like that…make me miss MA less!! We’ve just got rain rain rain down here in Jersey!

  3. Megan says:

    That stinks!!!!! Surprisingly it is 64 and warm here… Supposed to be rainy for the entire week though! BLEH!

    I remember a few years back it snowed on easter… the kiddos doing an Easter Egg hunt in the snow was quite the oxymoron if I ever saw one before!!!

  4. Carin says:

    it’s been “cold” here in socal and i love it! usually by this time it would probably be 90s most days, but it’s been 60s-70s which means i can still use my oven!!!

  5. Meg says:

    Darn it! I can relate reading blogs of people wearing shorts already! It’s slowly warming just a tad, yesterday and today are sunny but still cool. Sigh…

  6. Craziness! I could use a little sunshine and vitamin D right now. Somehow, D supplements still can’t replace the joy of the sun. 😉

    Happy Easter! 😀

  7. sarahnsh says:

    I saw snow on my car just recently and was seriously going to flip out. I didn’t dare touch it so I let my cars defrost system get rid of it for me and melt it away. I hope you get some springy weather soon!

  8. allieksmith says:

    Oh jeez snow :/ That is NOT cool! The weather in Pittsburgh has been rainy but warmer!

  9. Snow and rain here! Grrr

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