Our Health Kick

What a fun weekend!  I can’t wait to give you the recap.  🙂  But once again, I find myself running late on a Monday morning, so a weekend recap will have to wait.

In more current news, today Nate and I are starting a health kick.  Not a diet, mind you.  I’m not into diets and starving oneself… and giving up Ben and Jerry’s.  So not worth it.  I am, however, into eating amazing, healthier foods on a consistent basis, and then leaving the splurge items for — well — splurges.  I’m also into working out more regularly, now that the knee seems to be doing better.  So in other words, I’m kicking things up a notch, now that spring is officially here and I’ll have to wear a bridesmaid dress in a few months.  (If that isn’t motivation, then I don’t know what is).

Taking back my kitchen has been my first step.  My hubby loves snacking, and our cupboards have been proof of that.  So I’m on a mission to find him snacks that won’t leave him feeling deprived… but that will also have nutritional benefits.  (This is also done with selfish intentions, as I too dig into his stash more often than I should).  😉  

I started this mission by dumping out all of Nate’s BBQ potato chips… upside down into the trashcan, of course, so that he couldn’t dig them out.  Looking back, I realize that I probably could have handled that differently.  You really should never touch a guy’s chips. 

Then again, I saved him how many grams of fat and empty calories?

Yes, he should be thanking me!  Instead, he tells me that he dreams of his chips.  So, yes, I should have handled this differently, as my husband now has nightmares of his precious chips lying in some dark, smelly dump. 

But anyway, my kitchen is  now stocked with fresh veggies, fruits, and snacks.  (Which caused our grocery bill to shoot through the roof this week, so I’m going to have to do something different next week.  That so can’t happen every week).  But for this week, we’re ready to eat healthy and to work out.   I also bought my first ever Chobani Greek yogurt to try.  Can’t wait!  And we’re going to be keeping a food and exercise journal for the next few weeks, just to help us pinpoint problem areas… and areas in which we’re doing great.  (Because we really aren’t the worst eaters out there, I promise.  We just could do a lot better).  🙂

 Today, the hubby was sent to work with a tuna salad, paired with a fresh salad instead of chips.  And a yogurt and fruit, instead of a muffin.  And wheat crackers and cheese, instead of Doritos.  I wonder what the verdict will be tonight, when he comes home and I ask him how his day was.  I hope that he still won’t be missing those BBQ chips.  I did try to find some options that he could be excited about, but that will be much healthier.  Again, I’m not into depriving oneself. I’m just into finding healthier substitutions, whenever possible. 

One step at a time, right?  😉  I’m just excited that Nate agreed to take this journey with me.  It’s something that we can do together… that we can motivate the other to stick to.  And while I thought that I was going to have to push and beg, he was actually right on board, ready to get back into shape too.  So, yes, this is going to rock!

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4 Responses to Our Health Kick

  1. Vixter2010 says:

    Good goal, I need to do the same! Good luck with it!

  2. You dumped a man’s chips bag and lived to tell about it?!? You must teach me your ways..haha. 😉

    I love your goals! And the snacks you packed for Nate sound delicious, satisfying, and super healthy. Yumm! 😀

  3. allieksmith says:

    Can’t wait for the weekend recap 🙂

  4. Michael L says:

    I’ve been getting Chobani Greek yogurt for a little while. I’m not a big fan of the sugar in the flavored ones so I just get plain. I usually flavor it with a variety of spices. Everything from dill to curry powder. My favorite is a blend of smoked paprika and chipotle chili powder. You could mix some BBQ spices into it and use it as a dip for veggie sticks. I know it’s not Nate’s chips, but at least you wouldn’t invoke nightmares.

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