Loving Simple Moments… is back

So, yes, I was missing in blogger-action over the last week.  I was a busy beaver over the past few days, baking up a storm, entertaining family, training new employees at work, putting together worship services, organizing guest lists and preparing to fill out seventy bridal shower invitations.  (Anyone up for a invitation-filling-out-party?  No?  Well, if you change your mind, let me know because I still have 69 left to do).  😉   (My friend Ashley’s bridal shower is coming together very nicely, by the way!  Shhh, it’s a secret!  But I can’t wait to share all the details with you!!). 

Anyway, there is so much to catch you up on! 

And, yes, I am totally excited about a few upcoming plans… such as Memorial Day weekend, my birthday in June, and a vacation that Nate and I are dreaming up.  (LOVE vacations!!).  Of course, all the craziness coming up is not all fun and games, but I’ve decided to embrace it anyway.  I will take time to smell the roses dandylions!!

And I will behave and not take on more than I can chew.  Just a few minutes ago, for example, my husband walked into the house after having come home from work.  We chatted a bit about the weather and upcoming plans, before I added, “I have a goal that –”

“No,” Nate cut in.  “No more goals for you.”

And it kind of hit home that I am a goal geek.  I’m always planning and refusing to say “no” and always trying to be super-woman for anyone that needs something done.  And I can’t give anything half-heartedly, of course.  I have to give 150%, even if it means no sleep, exercise, or me-time.

Yes, there is a time to be a perfectionist.  And, no, there is nothing wrong with working hard… and working often.  But there comes a time when you can get lost in that.  When you can forget who you are.  When you can become so wrapped up in where you’re going and what you have to do, that you miss the rainbow.  The full moon.  The sunset.

I really learned that over the past few days.  I discovered that there are busy seasons in our lives and that — sometimes — you can’t control that.  But you can choose to become over-whelmed, or you can choose to see the good in each situation.  You can embrace each new experience.  See them for the simple moments that they can be.

Oh, and you can learn to say “no.”  I know, I know. It’s not easy.  But trust me, sometimes it feels so good!  Sometimes, it’s so necessary.  You have to put your priorities first and sometimes that means giving up on a few other things. 

So, yes, I’m back.  And I will be finding the joy — or at least humor — in each new simple moment that comes my way.  🙂  Won’t you join me?

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11 Responses to Loving Simple Moments… is back

  1. Megan says:

    I’ve promised myself several times that I would begin to use the word “no” more frequently and can never seem to do it! At the start of the new year, I promised myself to at least practice saying no! BUT, I’ve not done too well at all. 😉 It is just so hard sometimes… you don’t want to let others down or you think you can take on just one more thing. Most recently I’ve really struggled with this and then ending result has been me being pulled in a few too many directions. Leaving me stressed, tired and a bit cranky!!! I really, REALLY need to not be afraid to say that two letter “n” word… Someday I will!

    I’d be up for an invitation filling out party anytime! Seriously just ask for my help… you know i won’t say no! 🙂

  2. I can relate to your perfectionism. If there’s some way I can do to improve myself, I will do it, even if it means filling my plate to overflow. Learning to say no sometimes is hard, but can be worth it. I find that by saying “no” to some things give me more time to focus on the other things at hand. I can do those other things better.

    So, yes, I will join you as you enjoy the simple moments!!

  3. I’m definitely with you…it’s all about the simple moments!

  4. Meg says:

    Learning to say “no” was one of the finer moments in my life. I used to crazy overbook myself but slowly and surely, I’ve taken a step back instead of saying yes right away. Good thing you have such a smart husband to help you from going over your limit. 🙂

  5. Glad you are back :)!

  6. allieksmith says:

    Wow! I think a break was just what you needed! Great insight 🙂 Simple moments are what it is all about and when I am so busy I pass them up, that is when I know I am too busy! It is okay to be a goal geek most of the time 😉

  7. Simple moments are the most important. And oftentimes the most overlooked!

    SO glad you’re back!! 😀

  8. sarahnsh says:

    I never knew I was a perfectionist until recently, and have a hard time saying no as well. I’m very glad to see you back and sometimes it’s just nice to take a break! Simple moments are hard to realize or appreciate sometimes, but when you can slow down and enjoy them, they can definitely make your day!

  9. Tien says:

    Welcome back!

  10. dianacheung says:

    where you heading off to later this year??? I wanna know!

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