The Flavors of Summer

With the warmer weather finally arriving in New England, the familiar sights of spring are beginning to make their appearance.  The buds on the trees are opening into small, leaves…  Birds are chirping every morning.  Tulips are blooming.  My cats are leaving trails of fur all over the house as they shed their winter coat.  (So not cool). 

And my family is having cookouts.

Granted, my dad has been known to fire up the grill in the middle of winter.  For Christmas even, so that he can make his famous grilled salmon.  But there’s something extra special when– in the spring and summer months — he fires up the grill to make some juicy burgers.  Oh my goodness, you haven’t tried a burger until you’ve had my dad’s.  Then again, maybe you don’t want to try them… because then you might turn into a burger snob like me. 

Sigh.  It’s not easy being a burger snob during the summer months.  Just sayin’. 

Spring also means we’re one step closer to summer… which means icecream.  Again, I don’t discriminate against icecream during the winter months, and I’ve been known to eat Ben and Jerry’s during the middle of a blizzard.  But there’s just something about summer that makes icecream taste that much better. 

I can’t help but want to share the joy…

… with everyone. 

Oh, and don’t get me started on watermelon!  Oh, how I LOVE watermelon!!  In fact, this is one of my favorite pics of my sister… just because she’s standing in front of one of the largest watermelon slices I have ever seen.  Its.  So.  Beautiful.

To me, summer comes with it’s own assortment of flavors and textures.  Flavors and textures, which just don’t taste the same if eaten during any other season.  There’s just something magical about the warm summer months that make iced coffees, fruit salads, smoothies, and so much more taste amazing.  Taste perfect.

Don’t even get me started on all the fun things there are to do during the summer.  (Hello trips to whole foods, days at the beach, hikes, bikerides, and cookouts).  Ooh, I can hardly stand the excitement!

What’s your favorite summer flavor?

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9 Responses to The Flavors of Summer

  1. Joss says:

    Fresh raspberries, corn on the cob, radishes out of the garden.

  2. vixter2010 says:

    Yay for burgers and ice cream! I love a bowl of strawberries, cream and sugar yum 🙂

  3. I hate to admit that I don’t like watermelon. It’s true.
    It’s a texture thing, I think. The graininess of it just annoys me.

  4. jelillie says:

    Orange Pineapple Ice Cream… Oh no, I mean barbecued spareribs…or chicken…or grilled asparagas yeah that’s it! Wait maybe its ambrosia…or macaroni salad…No…No it’s potato salad. Yes definitely potato salad…Maybe.

  5. What is is about New Englanders and ice cream?! Yayy for Spring and it’s promise of Summer!

  6. Hi, I am going to need one of your dad’s burgers. How quickly can he make it for me?

    I love the flavors of summer. Everything tastes more fresh, sweeter somehow. I love it 🙂

  7. allieksmith says:

    You just got me so excited about summer! We are watermelon buddies 🙂 LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Yum 🙂

  8. Tien says:

    Ooohhh always yes for ice-cream! Watermelons are awesome too. I enjoy strawberries, honey-dew melons, cold lemonades and milkshakes!!

  9. dianacheung says:

    pineapple upside down cake and ICEEE CREAMMMMMMM as well. 🙂

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