Going to the Spa… Sort of

It’s a rainy Monday morning yet again, but the raindrops are hardly enough to bring down my good mood.  In fact, I throw back my head and laugh at them!   Mwhahahahaha!!!  😉

After all, I only have five days left until my mini-vacation.  **Insert applause here**

Where am I going, you ask? 

Nowhere.  🙂  See, the hubby doesn’t get any time off for Memorial Day, and we really can’t afford to go away quite yet.  But on the other hand, I need some time off.  Life has been crazy hectic, and I just want a couple of restful days.  I want to remember what it’s like to live without being a slave to the clock.

So I’m having a spa experience in the comfort of my own home.

I mean, why not?  I have Monday off, so that means an extra day to catch up on sleep.  I have a cozy patio out back that’s perfect for outdoor dining.  There’s bubble bath in the linen closet, and a novel sitting on a shelf in the bedroom.  I have a refrigerator stocked with healthy food, a television that’s tuned into the Food Network, magazines just begging to be read, and a neighborhood perfect for taking a run in. There’s even therapeutic gardening to be done.  (Although, considering the fact that the hubby and I have never planted a garden before, it may lean more on the side of stressful.  But that’s a risk I just need to take).  🙂

Oh, yes, and I also may have stocked up on mani- and pedi- materials…

I am literally bursting with excitement that you’d think I was going to some ritzy resort with a renowned spa.  I just can’t remember the last time that I had three days to do whatever I wanted.  Three days to catch up on slowing down.  To ignore my laptop and anything electronic related.  To focus on reading a good novel, taking a leisurely run, or planting some plants in rich soil.

I’m seriously going to treat this like a vacation.  And I really can’t wait!

Have you ever had a spa weekend at home?  How about a spa day? 

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7 Responses to Going to the Spa… Sort of

  1. vixter2010 says:

    Sounds like a great holiday, pampering and relaxing in the comfort of your own home good plan!

  2. Joss says:

    what a great idea. good self care for you this weekend. I love home spa days. Time out, doing relaxing things, and doesn’t cost the earth so it’s all good!

  3. allieksmith says:

    YAY for the stay-cation 🙂 You totally deserve it!

  4. My kind of girl–I have that EXACT pink Sally Hansen polish on my toes right now. enjoy your day!

  5. Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend!!! And thanks for the reminder that I have a long weekend going up!! I need to start planning my mini-vacation!!!

  6. I love long weekends! And I can’t think of anything better than a full day of “going” to the spa. This sounds so lovely! 😀

  7. justmarriedgirl says:

    I am incapable of doing my own nails. It always ends in disaster!

    It seems like you have a super fantastic long-weekend ahead of you. Hope it’s wonderful!

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