Memorial Day – Part 2

Now I know that I had gone into this long weekend with the notion of sleeping every possible moment, but excitement won me over on Saturday morning.  As a result, I was up at 5:30 am, and by 6 am, I was out the door and off for a two mile run.  The wind was at my back, and I kicked up the dirt like a run-away stallion.

Okay, fine, I nearly died on one of the hills, and the humidity made breathing difficult.  😉  So, yes, I may have struggled a bit with the morning run, but I still felt SO good.   Nothing clears my head quite like an exhausting run anyway.  I find it the perfect time to let go of worries and to just pray. 

It was definitely the perfect way to start my day!

Around 9am, this girl showed up at my house for a breakfast of chocolate banana smoothies (recipe to come in the next day or so).  We packed up a cooler and headed off for a fun-filled day of BARGAIN SHOPPING!

(You may know her as Sarah from The Flying OnionBut I know her as a best friend.  Oh, yeah, and we’re sisters too, of course).  🙂

If you’ve read either of our blogs for any period of time, then you know Sarah and I love to eat.  In fact, we tend to get just as excited about the food options we come across during our shopping trips, as we do finding the bargain items.  😉 

But as we’re both a little broke, we packed a chicken-pasta salad and had a picnic in the mall parking lot before we shopped.  (Recipe to come in the next day or so).  Sarah said it was better than anything we could have found in a restaurant anyway.  🙂  I guess this is why I love cooking for her so much… 

Oh, and since we’re on the topic of food, I have to share a pic of our dessert with you.


I’ve read SO many food blog articles about this frozen dessert (yes, Diana, you officially made me jealous of your Fro-yo visits), but I’ve actually never been to a Fro-Yo establishment, such as Red Mango.  🙂  New England is apparently behind in the times.  But this mall had one, so my sister and I obviously had to treat ourselves! 

Fro-yo actually tasted like real yogurt, with the tang and all.  Just frozen.  And for toppings, the choices were over-whelming.  I went with fresh strawberries, pineapple, and coconut. Sarah went with oreo cookies, coconut, blueberries, and strawberries.

Plus, it’s all-natural and low calorie, so it’s guilt-free dessert at it’s best.  Not that I ever let my dessert make me feel guilty.  😉

I am now officially a Fro-Yo fan and can’t wait until my next visit.  🙂

Oh, yeah, but we didn’t just eat on our shopping trip… There was also clothes shopping involved…

These are some of my favorite finds…

*American Eagle shoes… $20 at Payless.  Perfect for a jean skirt, but also dressy enough for me to wear with tan pants to work. 

*Peasant Top from The Limited… 40% off. 

*Blue and White striped dress… $25 at Target.  Oh, yes, and my first ever pair of leggings!!!   I also may or may not have bought a pair of summer flats to complete the outfit.  😉

SUCH a fun day spent with my sister!

And then… I still had two days left to focus on rest…

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7 Responses to Memorial Day – Part 2

  1. vixter2010 says:

    Yay shopping! Yoghurt looks yum!

  2. That dress is *adorable* on you!!

    Can’t wait for our next shopping (and EATING!) excursion! 😀

  3. Joss says:

    time with sister who is also best friend. awesome. Good food, great bargains, fun and laughter. What a great way to start your long weekend.

  4. cari says:

    i almost bought that dress! Looks awesome on you!! 🙂 And froz-yo is SO GOOD!!! Got addicted out to cali on fro-yo!

  5. jelillie says:

    Fro Yo. I want one! Where do I go to get a Fro yo?

    • Nicole says:

      Natick Mall. 🙂 If you like yogurt, you’ll love it!! But for those who aren’t quite yogurt fans, there was also chocolate and vanilla flavors to choose from. Sarah and I just went with the original flavors. Sooo good!!!!

  6. allieksmith says:

    Woah, I had no idea your sister had a blog!!! How cool 🙂 It is really awesome that you two are bff’s. I hope my sister and I ALWAYS stay close 😀

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