What I Learned

You know, you can learn things from difficult situations.  All you need to do is look for — and appreciate — the hidden lessons along the way. 

For example, my husband was beat up just days ago.  Here is what I have discovered:

#1.  ER stands for Endless Waiting Room… A doctor at some point just decided to remove the ‘W’ to make it easier to say in a hurry. 

#2.  Three days of eating mushy, soft foods will make eating solid food — even an apple — taste like gourmet dining.  

#3.  They need to sell t-shirts that say “I didn’t do it,” so that I can wear one whenever I go out with the bruised-up hubby.  I don’t want anyone to get any ideas. 

#4.  I need to find some eye-shadow that matches the yellowish green color my husband’s black eyes have turned to.  It would be so pretty with my new sundress.

#5.  There is one good purpose for video games.  Keeping a sick hubby occupied!  🙂

#6.  Babies don’t know how good they have it, because they can eat Cheerios in addition to their mushy, soft foods.  (Yeah, I’ve kind of been eating the same diet as my hubby, if you haven’t guessed. Thank goodness he’s starting to eat solid food again!).

#7.  It’s nice having someone home to load the dishwasher every morning.  I shall have to look into how expensive it is to hire a butler.

#8.  My husband looks adorable, even with two black eyes, a fat lip, a broken nose, and a swollen face. 

#9.  Cats are scared of men with two black eyes, a fat lip, a broken nose, and a swollen face.  But that’s nothing that treats can’t fix. 

#10.  I LOVE Nate and can’t imagine facing life’s adventures without him!  🙂

What is something that you learned from a difficult situation?

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8 Responses to What I Learned

  1. Homestead Ramblings says:

    I’ve been praying for you two.

  2. It’s good to hear he’s back on solid foods! And how sweet of you to adopt his mushy food diet. Wife of the year award goes to you 🙂

  3. Haven’t been online in a while and had to read back a few posts to see what had happened. So glad that he is doing better!!!

  4. jelillie says:

    I learned that I am stronger than I look and that there is something to be thankful for even in the most trying of circumstances! Praying for you and Nate!

  5. Jeannine Como says:

    Nicole & Nate,

    We are praying for a quick recovery. Thank you for posting photos! It helps to watch the healing take place. Keep them coming, please.

  6. Tien says:

    I love your positive energy albeit what you and Nate are going through, Nicole! Lovely post!

  7. allieksmith says:

    Yay! You are so positive and funny 🙂

  8. cari renn says:

    such a great post!!!

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