The Countdown

So I did it.  I absolutely couldn’t help myself and I don’t regret it in the least.  Yes, it was spur of the moment.  And, no, it wasn’t absolutely necessary.  But, my goodness, it’s going to be so much fun, even though I’m not entirely sure what will come of it.

I took this upcoming Monday off from work!  🙂

It’s just that Nate has been home all week, and will be for a couple more weeks, and I thought, “Why not take advantage of it and have a long weekend to spend together?”

I mean, how often do we both have three days off in a row… at the same time??

This sudden inspiration came to me yesterday as I was walking into work, and I was so excited at the idea that I rushed to my desk and called home… despite the fact that it was 8am and the hubby was still sleeping.  (I’ve never been very good at waiting, when it comes to sharing good news).

Nate’s answer?

Go for it!!

(If you look really closely at this pic, you can see a yellowish glow around his eyes.  That’s because the black is turning a neon yellow color.  But I’m sure you can also notice that he’s starting to smile for pics again.  That’s always a good sign!).  🙂

I’m not entirely sure yet what we want to do on the three days we have off.  See, this Saturday is my birthday!  And I’m one of those people who absolutely adore birthdays and who milk them for all they’re worth… by celebrating all weekend…. and sometimes all month, but we won’t go there.   😉

The family is coming over Friday night for a traditional birthday BBQ and icecream sundaes.  (Already stocking up with icecream supplies).  I usually always come up with a theme for the party, just because it’s fun, but this year the theme is “It’s been too crazy lately to come up with a theme.”  Ha, Ha!

But anyway, on my birthday itself and for my b-day gift, Nate and I were originally going to eat at one of Boston’s nicest restaurants.  I love an excuse to dress up and to eat amazing food.  But after Nate’s assault at work and just considering how crazy the week has been, I’m now dreaming of flip flops, tank tops, jean skirts, and picnics.

I just want something slow-paced.  Casual.  Relaxed.  Fun.

So who knows what Nate and I will end up doing.  I just know that we’ll be doing it together, and I cannot wait!!!  And so the countdown to Friday afternoon begins….

Are you a fan of birthdays or do you try to ignore them?  🙂

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9 Responses to The Countdown

  1. Happy birthday for Saturday! 🙂 Birthdays can be a lot of fun – jean skirts and picnics. family and friends, National Trust gardens and lots of sunshine are my idea of “perfect” for birthdays! Have a fantastic celebration this weekend!

  2. LOVE birthdays! And I can’t wait for Friday. 😀

    Nate is looking much better all the time. 😀 Have fun this weekend!! You deserve it!

  3. vixter2010 says:

    I love birthdays and I always take them off if they’re on a work day! Enjoy the long weekend!

  4. Meg says:

    Your hubby is such a champ for letting you post pictures of his battle scars! I’m so glad that he’s getting better. You two have surely been in my thoughts.

    I LOVE birthdays! Anyone’s and everyone’s. I think it’s because I love parties and making people feel special.

  5. Happy Early Birthday!! Great idea to take a day off and enjoy a nice long weekend!!

    • Jeannine Como says:

      I also hold my birthday right up there on a pedestal! We usually celebrate for several days. I hope you won’t hold yourselves to a meatless Monday——–unless you did it in a really good restaurant. Our 49th anniversary is today, and we’re milkin’ it for all it’s worth, also. We had breakfast out, we’ll probably eat lunch at home (something light because of the hot weather), I have to teach for a few hours this afternoon (because my recital is Monday night), and then we’ll eat dinner out.

  6. Tien says:

    Happy birthday in advance Nicole! Sounds like its going to be a very good and long weekend ahead! I am certainly a big fan of birthdays. Mine especially of course, because its a legitimate reason to have a whole cake for myself tee hee!

  7. Joss says:

    awesome. I’m just thrilled you’re doing this. Have a great weekend with your sweetie et al and a fantabulous birthday. I try to do something I’ve never done before on my birthday each year. This year I flew a kite. It was great fun.

  8. sarahnsh says:

    I hope you have a fantastic birthday! I think that it’s a great idea for you to take the time off of work, you two crazy kids enjoy yourselves with your time off and have lots of fun!

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