Vacay – Day 2

Yesterday, Nate and I drove down to the Old Mystic Seaport Village, which is full of old, wooden boats once used for whaling and fishing.

Ahoy, Thar!

There was also an entire village built to look like a little harbor village from days past.  I, of course, found the grocery store first.  Priorities, after all. It’s always good to know where you can find yourself a snack, should you need one.

Apparently, this is what stores looked like before Walmart.  It was something right out of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.  Only no signs of Sully…  (sad face).

The ‘museum’ was very hands on, allowing visitors to enter all the old  homes and to catch a glimpse of how life was back then.  Only a few places wouldn’t let you inside… but the plastic barrier made for a great photo-shoot, so we totally didn’t care.

It was nice to just be walking outside in the sunshine, and there was plenty to keep us both entertained.  Nate was all about the history and asked the employees in each building a ton of questions.  I, on the other hand, was just ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ over how adorable some of the houses were and asking the hubby where we were going to each lunch.  (Apparently my appetite has come back. That’s a good sign, right?).  🙂

Again, I’m all about the important stuff.  😉




It was the perfect way to spend the greater part of our morning and was very relaxed… until a great whale jumped out of the ocean and threatened the village. We totally took care of that though and saved everyone.

I knew that reading Moby Dick would come in handy someday…

After walking around all morning, we were both starved, so we took the advice of some locals and headed over to Costello’s for seafood.  (Abbott’s, which is just up the street, also received rave reviews).  Costello’s is located smack-dab in the middle of a fishing dock and practically sits right on the ocean. So you can’t get any closer to the source of your seafood than that.

Nate bought a fried scallop platter with fries.  I kid you not, the scallops were so fresh that he squirted me in the face when he took a bite.  🙂

He also raved about how good the fries were.  The only complaint he had was that the portion was small for what we paid.

I’m not exactly allowed to eat fried food anytime soon, but I did splurge a bit and had part of a lobster roll.  (A part.  Just a part.  So if my doctor is reading this, she should not scold me).

The lobster roll was very fresh with the perfect amount of mayo, and celery for added crunch.  Again, the portion was small though.  Nate could have probably eaten three of them…

So we give Costello’s an A+ for freshness, friendliness, location, and tastiness.  They just need to work on their portion sizes.  🙂

After lunch, we decided that we were tired of walking in the sun, so we drove for about an hour until we found ourselves at Port Judith, located in the neighboring state of Rhode Island.  From there, we took a high-speed ferry to Block Island.

I’ve never been on a high-speed ferry, so it was an exhilarating experience.  (Especially the ride to the island, since the waves were choppy).

Block Island is only about six miles in diameter, but it sure has a lot of character for such a little place.  Some people actually live on it all year long, and there are ferries that bring over large trucks filled with food and supplies.  Talk about a different way of life!

When I saw the adorable and quaint inns, I contemplated throwing our return tickets for the ferry over-board, just so that we’d be forced to stay.  But I decided that it wouldn’t be the responsible thing to do. That and the fact that Nate is against wasting money as much as I am, so he’d probably just make us swim back.  And I wasn’t really up for that.

Exploring was definitely an option though, and there were plenty of cute shops to see.

Again, priorities first, so we had to check out the Icecream Place.

It was nestled at the back of an inn, and had a brick patio and outdoor dining.  The icecream was also delicious, which is most important.

Just look how excited this guy is to get his icecream!  What can I say?  He’s a man after my own heart.  🙂  Nate had chocolate chip cookie dough, and I had a dish of frozen yogurt.  Soooo yummy!

Since we had time to kill while on the island, we walked along a rock wall that jutted out into the ocean and sat down to just chat and watch the waves.

That lasted until a very large wave came and splashed us really good… twice.  But that was okay, because we were hungry again by this point.  🙂

Block Island has no shortage of restaurants, so choosing was no easy task.  We decided to keep it simple — and inexpensive — by going to one of the take-out stands.  I was impressed that many of them had vegetarian and healthy options, in addition to the normal fried-food selections.  Way to go, Block Island.  Way to go!

We decided to eat at a little take-out stand called Rebeccah’s Take-out…  Nate went with a bacon cheeseburger, mostly because we’re on vacation so the unspoken rule is that I can’t scold him for eating fried food and bacon in the same day.  😉

I went with the Santa Fe wrap… It was a tomato wrap stuffed with grilled chicken, diced onions, chopped tomatoes and onions, and salsa.  (Sour cream was served on the side, but I didn’t even need it).  It was bursting with flavor and tasted so fresh.  Definitely something that I will try re-creating at home!

After dinner, it was time to head back to the ferry for our boat ride back to the mainland.  The sun was setting by this point, so the view was breath-taking.

SUCH a fun day!!

Can’t wait to see what today brings!  🙂

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8 Responses to Vacay – Day 2

  1. Kathy says:

    So glad to see you guys kicking back a little. Simplicity is a good thing :). We took our children to Mystic Seaport many years ago for one last look at the ocean before we moved to the Midwest. It was like stepping back in time. Nate, those scallops looked really good. I miss fresh seafood. (Out here giant catfish is just about the only thing ‘fresh’, and it’s not that great.) Keep smelling those roses!

  2. I love cute historic towns like that. How adorable 🙂
    It’s nice that you two are able to get away. I’m sure the vacation is much needed.

  3. What a wonderful 2 days! I love historic New England towns!

  4. The place looks really cute and old worldly – love it. And an ice cream place gets a bug thumbs up from me! I also eat a lot of burgers on holiday 🙂 Looks so relaxing, enjoy!

  5. allieksmith says:

    Another lovely day! A lobster roll.. even just a part of one, sounds SO good right now!! Yum 🙂

  6. jelillie says:

    awesome! I’m heading to Maine this weekend. Hope I have as much fun as you..

  7. sarahnsh says:

    He looks so incredibly happy with the ice cream cone in his hand, and it looks like it was a wonderful day too! I’m so glad that you had fun and enjoyed your day off.

  8. that looks GORGEOUS. Honestly!!! And let Nate enjoy himself!! hahaha he can feel bad later at home!

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