Vacay Day 3… and Rachel Ray’s $40 a Day

Yesterday, Nate and I decided to skip the free complimentary breakfast at the hotel and headed to the Kitchen Little Restaurant, which is located near Mystic Center.

I was ultra excited, because this eensy-teensy restaurant was featured on a little show known as $40 a Day with Rachel Ray!!!    🙂  This is totally my type of historical site!

We chose the outdoor patio dining, which was really just a bunch of picnic tables set up out back.  But honestly, with a view like they have of the glistening water and colorful sailboats, there was no complaints. And the set-up did fit the quaint, old-fashioned feel of the restaurant.

Nate ordered the Mystic Melt, which is eggs scrambled with fresh crab meat and cream cheese.  His omelet was full of flavor, but Nate thinks they could have done a bit more with it to push it over the edge.  He was also still a bit hungry afterward, so — once again — for what we paid, portion sizes disappointed.

I ordered the Heart Healthy omelet. It was an omelet made with their own low-cholesterol egg mixture, scrambled with a bit of cheese, mushrooms, and broccoli… then served with hearty whole-grain toast.  (I love that they make their own low-cholesterol egg mixture by mixing three egg whites with a whole egg, because I’m totally not a fan of egg-beaters).

What I didn’t love was that they used frozen broccoli that had been steamed or microwaved before being added to the omelet.  Somehow, that killed things a bit for me.  But other than that, the eggs themselves did have a ton of flavor, and the toast was really good.

After breakfast (which was eaten around lunch-time), we headed to the beach to do some reading.  Do you like my new beach-towel?  It says, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be amazing.”  🙂  Love that!

It was nice to just sit on the warm sand and to listen to the seagulls and waves… but after about 40 minutes of this, I could feel my skin turning pink. And since I didn’t have sunscreen and looking like a lobster is not on my to-do list, we ended up leaving early.

With plenty of time to kill, we decided to see yet another historical site: The Mystic Pizza.  🙂  This is the pizza place that inspired the screenwriter who wrote the Julia Roberts movie of the same name.  We didn’t eat there, but I totally took pictures like a good little tourist!

By this point, I was completely tired of being in the sun, so we headed back to the hotel to use the indoor pool and hot tub.  I was way too warm to appreciate anything but cool water, so while Nate chillaxed in the hot tub, I swam laps made fish faces in the pool.

After cooling off and changing, we headed back to Old Mystic Village to do some souvenir shopping for my family.  We also hit some stores back in Mystic center that we had missed… like a natural foods store.  (It wasn’t even close to being as exciting as Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s… but it was still fun to walk around).

For dinner, we ate at the Ten Clams restaurant, located in the heart of Old Mystic Village.  I’m sure they’re well-known for their fried seafood, but I wasn’t impressed by the dinner I was served.  I ordered the baked cod, which was served with fries and cole slaw (which I substituted with their fresh veggie of the day).

The cod was okay, but not over-the-top great.  (The sweet potato fries were pretty awesome, I have to admit).  But for my veggie side, I was once again reunited with frozen broccoli.

Honestly, it’s veggies like this that give vegetables a bad rap.  I wouldn’t like vegetables if they tasted like this either.

Nate ordered the fried chicken meal and also wasn’t impressed.  When I asked him how he liked it, he said, “I miss KFC.”  (And he made faces when eating his frozen veggies, so I don’t think he was into the frozen broccoli either).

Oh, well, we still had a great time… and our waitress was super-uper friendly!  (I’d just recommend trying their fried seafood selections if you ever go.  I imagine that’s what they’re known for).  🙂

After walking around and doing some more shopping, we headed over to the Sea Swirl for ICECREAM!  🙂  This little take-out spot was also featured on $40 a Day with Rachel Ray!!!  (Seriously, who knew that historical locations could be so tasty?).

Yes, I consider any site that Rachel Ray visits to be historical.

Soooo, are you tired of me complaining about serving sizes yet?  Apparently, this tourist city either serves up small portions… or the hubby and I are pigs always hungry and just want more food.

I’m going to go with the city option.  Ha ha.

The icecream was delicious and there were a ton of soft-serve flavors to pick from. I went with the coconut soft-serve and it was delish!  (Just on the small side though).

And the hubby’s cone looked like a baby-sized one, even though it wasn’t.  I did try to turn it into a lesson about moderation, but I have to admit that for the amount of times I go out for icecream, I would have liked more for my dollar too.  🙂

 For the rest of the evening, we just chillaxed and enjoyed some time at the hotel.  We stopped at Walmart to pick up some gummy bears for the hubby and pretzels for me.  Then we watched a movie on my laptop.

Simple yet special moments.  Gotta love them!  🙂

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6 Responses to Vacay Day 3… and Rachel Ray’s $40 a Day

  1. theclambroll says:

    You hit so many of my faves this day!! 🙂 Kitchen Little and Ten Clams especially (CLamb and I actually went to Ten Clams the first time I ever brought him home to meet my parents, good times!). Sorry the serving sizes weren’t up to par though 😉

  2. I love your vacation!! You need to do it more often…haha. Seriously, I feel as if i’m right there with you.

    And it never occurred to me that Mystic Pizza is in Mystic Seaport…haha! it’s so cool to see the “real pizza spot!”

    keep having fun!! The kitties are doing great. We’ve been spending a lot of outdoor time together lately. 😀

  3. allieksmith says:

    How cool that you got to go where Rachel Ray ate for her $40 a day! I LOVE that show 😀

  4. Looks like you guys are having a blast!! I see that you are reading The Help. What do you think of it?

  5. so fun!!! BTW you are adorable in that pool pic…but honestly, the hubby is right…that icecream cone is TINY!! and hey, no hating on relaxing during a vacay. Glenn and I love to just lay in bed at the end of a long day

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