Home Again

Today was the last official day of our Mystic Seaport vacation, although I plan on living as though I’m on vacation until I go back to work on Tuesday.  😉

And since I’d been ‘complaining’ about portion sizes for the past few days, Nate and I decided that — on the way home — we should show  you what we’re used to .  Why we’re so spoiled.  Why we always want bigger…

It really comes down to one place in particular.  The best.

Kimball’s Farm.

See that icecream cone I’m holding below?  The one that’s almost as big as my head?  That was a small.  That cost a mere .30 more than the itty-bitty, one-scoop cone my hubby had ordered just a day ago.

Yeah, and it’s homemade icecream.

Just call us spoiled.  Spoiled rotten.

No, I didn’t eat it all.  And, yes, I will do my best to remember that I should probably order a kiddy cone from now on.

But isn’t it a beauty?

Nate was much happier with his manly cone and was more than satisfied with a small as well.  (You don’t want to know how big their large cone is.  Although I will say that it’s a cross between eating icecream right from a half-gallon container and lifting weights.  ‘nough said).

(Oh, and you should see the portions of their fried seafood.  Two grown men can eat their Fisherman’s Platter and be full.  It would probably take about four women.  The thing is huge).

After we had our elegant sufficiency of homemade icecream, we I decided that we should stop at Kohl’s on the way home… since it wasn’t too far away and they were having some crazy sales.  Nate agreed, although the agreement was that he had to be allowed to wait in the car with his Time magazine.  😉

I am SO glad that I stopped in!!  I bought six shirts for $30!!!!  Four of them are just plain t-shirts, but they fit SO good and will be perfect for casual summer days.  And, hey, how often can you buy shirts for only about $5 each??

I LOVE bargain shopping!!!

Then it was time to go home and to see how our fur-babies had faired.  (They were in the loving, capable hands of their ‘Aunt’ Sarah so I knew that they had been well-taken care of… and most definitely spoiled).

It was as though we had never left.

Stitchy is still in love with his favorite brick.

And Highstreet is walking around, putting on airs and acting like he owns the place… including Stitchy’s brick.

Sometimes, it really is nice to come home.

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7 Responses to Home Again

  1. LKD says:

    Welcome home. I love Mystic Seaport! And ice-cream! And bargain shopping!

    Sarge and I just got back from a trip to NY, and I actually wanted to get over to Mystic but ran out of days. Maybe next time!

  2. sarahnsh says:

    He has that look on his face that says, “Now THAT’s a cone!” I can see why you got so spoiled and those are some huge portions. Plus, I saw the food you had too and they were pretty small so I’d be left wanting more too. Anywho, welcome back and I’m glad you had a fun time.

  3. Haha!! I love the Kimball’s pictures. We are SO spoiled to have that kind of icecream. :mrgreen:

    LOVE your shirts! And the kitties are too cute, as always. 😀

  4. I too love the Kimball’s pics! We were just there on Thurs.!! yum, yum!

  5. Allie says:

    Wow that ice cream looks soo great and homemade is even better 🙂 coming home after vacation is refreshing!

  6. you are KIDDING me about that icecream. You are SERIOUS? I want one…like NOW. I’ve never seen something that big! and homemade!

  7. omgomgomg is this the same kimball’s that is in massachusetts? if so, i grew up going there! i even had a birthday there once. yes, their ice cream cones are HUGE!

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