Becoming a Tourist… in my very own town

Still being in vacation mode, although I’m actually home from vacation, has been good for me.  Maybe even inspired me a little.

It’s not that I don’t ever embrace the country town I live in and appreciate all that it has to offer, but I do often get caught in the familiar.  The usual.  The same old, same old.

It’s like life is a record and sometimes I get stuck on the same song… being played over, and over, and over.

This is the song that never ends…. Yes, it goes on and on my friends.  (You can thank me later for getting that song stuck in your head).  😉

There’s something about coming back from vacation that makes me want to live life like a tourist.  To explore a bit more.  To experience.  To really live.

For example, my exercise routine has always consisted of running around my sunny, hilly neighborhood.  It’s not a bad run.  It’s just not that exciting either, since I’ve been running that same route for over 10 years.

But the tourist inside of me wanted to try a new run.  To try something different.  So Nate and I drove the short distance to a nearby campground and ran around the shaded, breezy path surrounding a lake.  Suddenly, exercise is fun.  Suddenly I’m wondering why in the world did I wait so long to discover this?


Because life can so easily become routine.  And routine is okay in some instances, but sometimes you just have to get out there and live.  To get out there and experience everything you may have casually over-looked as the familiar.  Why not appreciate the sights, sounds, tastes, and people around you just a bit more?

Why not become a tourist in your very own town?

Are you up to exploring your neighborhood through the eyes of a tourist this week?  You might be surprised at what you’ve been missing.  🙂

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8 Responses to Becoming a Tourist… in my very own town

  1. Joss says:

    excellent advice. It’s a way to live in a more conscious manner.

  2. mila says:

    Wow! very beautiful place to exercise.

  3. livvy30 says:

    Really good idea! I grew up in Cork city but moved to a village about 20 minutes away. I hated it at first. I still work in Cork and drive there everyday, so, as a result, I don’t spend much time in the village. But, this year I decided to give it a chance and I discovered that for a village, it really has a lot. Now we do our shopping here and instead of going into Cork for restaurants and pubs, we stay here most weekends. So now we’re supporting local economy too!
    Looks like you’d a great time on vacation 🙂

  4. Great idea! I went to a museum exhibit the other day and loved doing tourist type things in my own city!

  5. Great post! And great idea. 🙂

  6. Cait's Plate says:

    My boyfriend and I are really big into doing this. We also go into the city and explore different neighborhoods again – it’s so fun!

  7. I absolutely LOVE this post, as I’ve been feeling the same way. It’s nice to break out of the routine, and I think summer makes me long for this even more.

    THANKS for this! 😀

    (p.s. but not for getting that song stuck in my head, which it totally is!)

  8. There are so many things to do in this town and I LOVE it. It’s crazy to finally be somewhere where people DO come to vacation!!

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