Friday Randomness… and a give-away WINNER!

I must say that I LOVE short work-weeks.  I mean, is tomorrow really Friday, already?!?

I know, I know, wasn’t I just the other day promising to no longer live for the weekends?  I assure you that I haven’t forgotten this. In fact, I did quite well today, if I do say so myself.  I put a little more effort into my meals, turned up the radio when a favorite song came on, and even found time to play with the cats before heading off to work.

(My cat Highstreet is starting to get a bit heavy, so we’ve put him on an exercise regime).

I also went for s0me short walks during my breaks at work, instead of working through them and just sitting at my desk.  I came home from work and felt quite alive, like I could go for a run, make dinner, and do the grocery list without batting an eye.

Getting some fresh air and even just a touch of exercise throughout the day really did wonders for my energy level… never mind my attitude.  It reminded me that my summer doesn’t have to exist only on the weekends, but that I can enjoy each and every day to the best of my ability.

So, yes, I feel as though today was a good effort on my part and that I’m well on my way to living every day to its fullest potential.

However, that being said, sometimes you have to quite cold turkey and sometimes you have to start off slow.  And when it comes to living for weekends, my process might be a slow one…  😉

So I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a little excited about tomorrow being Friday.  After all, who doesn’t like Friday?  And I’m particularly excited, since the hubby and I can spend the weekend together.

Happy Face!!!

But, anyway, here I am going on and on, when I know that you’re all anxious to hear the news…

So without further ado, I give you the winner of the Hip-T contest!!!

It’s Samantha from the blog Bikini Birthday!

(I used the True Random Number Generator and just assigned all the comments — and the handful of emails — with a number.  And Samantha was # 4!).  🙂

True Random Number Generator – Min:1  / Max: 25.  Result:4

I’m SO excited for the winner of Loving Simple Moment’s first give-away!

Samantha, I’ll email you the details so that your Hip-T can be sent out as soon as possible!!   🙂  Congrats!

Oh, yes, and Happy Friday, Everyone!

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11 Responses to Friday Randomness… and a give-away WINNER!

  1. YAY! Congrats to Samantha! I so enjoy her blog. 😀

    I love that you have Highstreet on an exercise regimen…haha. Too bad Stitch can’t take on some of that extra padding…ha!!

  2. Allie says:

    Way to be! It IS hard not to live for the weekends. Congrats to Samantha!

  3. Carin says:

    i LOVE short walks. that’s why having a little dog is great–i kinda have to go on them, short and often!

  4. Joss says:

    have a super weekend!

  5. Great post. Lucky winner! I work every other weekend and I also look forward on those off days weekend for time with family and going around places. But weekdays can be fun too. It’s the best time to go to amusement parks and tourists areas ( less crowds, no long lines). It’s a good idea to do a bit of exercise while at work. As you said, keeps the energy level up. no need for the ” 5 hour energy” drink.

  6. Jess says:

    Congrats to the giveaway winner 🙂

  7. I used to worry that when we retired we might get tired of being together all the time, but it’s really great being together with your best friend!

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