Too Much Time Together… wasn’t even enough

It’s funny… the silly things we worry about.

When Nate was injured at work and I found out that he’d be home for several weeks, I actually panicked a little.  See, he and I have never had that much time to spend together.  We’ve never worked the same schedule so that we could have every weekend, every morning, and every evening to spend together… for an entire month.

I figured that one of two things would happen.

#1.  We’d find a way to add some alone time into our schedules, even if it meant barricading ourselves in empty rooms.


#2.  We’d kill each other after the first week.

It’s not that I need a lot of alone time to function.  It’s just that he and I have never had that much time to spend together.  We’ve always craved the together time.  Made the best of it whenever we had it.  And now suddenly, my hubby was going to be the ‘housewife’ who was home all day and then who was there when I got back at the end of the day…  And there when I woke up Saturday morning…  And there all day Sunday.

Could we handle being together that much?

I honestly wasn’t sure.

And then, it happened.  Like a blink of an eye, the weeks passed and suddenly yesterday morning was our last Sunday morning to sleep in together. To go to church together.  To spend the day together.

Nate goes back to his usual work schedule on Friday.  And I wanted to cry.

Because I realized that spending this much time with my husband has been the most amazing gift — miracle even — that God could have given us right now.  It was a time I’ll always treasure.

Because we didn’t get sick of each other.  Not once.  Apparently, we’re still best friends… forever.  And apparently, I could spend every day for a month with this guy and still feel that it wasn’t enough.

But here I am worrying about not having enough time to spend with him going forward.  I know our schedules and not having the same days off from work will make things complicated, as they did in the past.  But we’ll just be creative with the time we have, like we were in the past.

And that’s that.  No need for worrying.  After all, we’ll always figure it out… together.

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11 Responses to Too Much Time Together… wasn’t even enough

  1. Aw sweet! I want that too 😦

  2. allieksmith says:

    Awwww.. this post made me smile and want to cry a little.. I always think about when I get married.. will I get sick of my future hubby?! Haha .. this post was great!

  3. Joss says:

    what a lovely discovery you’ve made!!

  4. We worried that we might get sick of being together all the time when we retired, but we learned that best friends can NEVER spend too much time together!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kate says:

    what a cute post

  6. dottylizzy says:

    I love this post so much!! It’s so honest and so encouraging! Like, you, I have been revelling in enjoying my hubby’s day-to-day presence, after 5 years of a phd, but once he has a job … aren’t these little breaks so amazing?! Jesus is good!! 🙂

  7. dottylizzy says:

    You’ve been tagged in Just Three over at!!! Come have fun! 🙂

  8. Tien says:

    You and Nate are such a sweet couple!

  9. Very sweet post. My husband and I recently had the chance to spent lots of time together, in fact he’s living at home, for the first time in a long time and you’re right, it’s very sweet and such a gift!

  10. I love it when Matt and I get a chance to spend lots of time together. I don`t think I`ve ever been in a place with him where we`ve gotten sick of each other. I guess that means we`re a good match.

  11. you guys are so cute! I spent 4 weeks NONSTOP with Glenn and I wanted to KILL HIM.

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